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Healthy Living Made Simple!

I admit it. I’m an emotional, stress eater. Plus, I love food. Unfortunately, my emotional, stress eating was out of control after two kids and a stressful full-time job. I was gaining weight every day, especially around the middle. Through a very simple 30-day process, I learned that having a healthy life and feeling good on the inside can be very simple.

Healthy living is about making the right choices with dietary habits and nutritional supplements for overall health inside and out.  Join us for an educational 30 days where we’ll help you understand the effects of the foods you are eating. With just a few small changes in your daily habits, you can optimize your digestion, add the right foods to your diet, and have more energy.

Get started today to feel good on the inside and look great on the outside!

Join the 30-Day Challenge Today!


If you are searching for simple steps to lose weight and have more energy, you are in the right place. Our 30-day to healthy living jumpstart will help set you on the right track to becoming healthy for life. 

Key Components of the Healthy Living Jumpstart

  • Eating Clean
  • Increasing Nutrient Density
  • Eliminate Allergenic and addictive foods and beverages
  • Balance Blood Sugar
  • Support Elimination Organs

After the 30 days, you’ll have tools and knowledge to implement life-long health and wellness goals. And you will feel GREAT! The program will be delivered as a series of emails starting with prep week materials, guidance, encouragement, and more.  

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Join the 30-Day Challenge Today!


What is the FREE Healthy Living Jumpstart?

Fatigue, foggy thinking, poor sleep, excess weight (especially around the stomach, hips, and thighs) AND even aging skin indicate nutritional deficiencies that can be reversed. The Healthy Living Jumpstart is a plan delivered through a series of emails that will help you and your family to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We focus on plant-based nutrition supplements, lean proteins, and fruits and vegetables. It’s easy and delicious!

Join the 30-Day Challenge Today!

Healthy for Life


Is this a detox program?

No! Your body WILL detox because of the healthy choices you are making. But, this is a jumpstart to healthy living. This program will help you make smart eating choices that become second nature.

Who should do the challenge?

Anyone that is ready to start the journey to healthy living. This is more than just a detox. It is the start of a lifestyle change!

Maybe you don’t want to lose weight. Maybe you are stuck on the sugar train and you need to get off. Maybe you’ve been having tummy troubles and suspect gluten or dairy is the culprit. Maybe you just need a reset.

If you answered yes to anything on the list, consider starting the healthy living jumpstart. 

Toxins are anything your body can’t use as energy. We wouldn’t think about going a day without brushing our teeth, let alone years and years. Because we can’t see our liver, kidneys, and intestines we forget the important role they play in detoxification. The liver has over 500 functions and the kidneys filter 200 quarts of blood per day. You can hold 5-25 lbs. of waste in your large intestine (colon). All elimination organs need a “tune-up” and proper maintenance.

By simply eliminating common allergens from your diet (sugar, dairy, gluten, etc.) and replacing them with healthier plant-based options you will see a huge improvement on how you look and feel.

Meat is NOT eliminated from this diet unless you want it to be. You can make the personal choice to include meat as a lean protein or eliminate it. Meat-eaters, Vegan, and Vegetarians are all welcome!

Ready to be healthy for life and start the Healthy Living Jumpstart? Start Now!

We recommend the best plant-based nutrition products. 


Get Started Guide

These prep week materials include the key components of the programs, 10 Steps to Success, and resources to download and use throughout the program. This includes recipes, shopping guides, and more.

Product Recommendations

Not sure where to start? I’ll help you discover plant-based nutritional products that are easier to digest than anything else on the market.


I’m here to support you! You’ll also have the option to join our FREE Facebook group with other people starting their healthy journey.

Post Program Advice

Health for life doesn’t stop after 30 days! This is just a jumpstart to get you feeling great. I’ll help you adopt a whole food lifestyle and healthy eating plan for life.

Join the 30-Day Challenge Today!

You’ll receive an emails series to guide you through the 30 days starting with a prep week.

“I’ve fallen in love with this program! I started in April of last year and have since practiced healthy living at last 6 cycles! I’ve learned so much and I’m so happy! I’m a 36-year-old mom who has never felt better!!! Thank you!”

“I’m so proud of myself and I love this program! I have never felt happier, more energized, happy and ready to take on my life and my dreams. I had tried so many diets…so many products. Products are only products without the knowledge and lessons that you must learn while applying the products. This has been an amazing 30 days and I will be recommitting to another! I hit my goal, lost 23 pounds. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“I’ve tried every diet on the planet, and that’s what they were…diets. The Healthy Living Jumpstart is a new way of eating and nourishing my body and that of my family. Unlike the diets, this is a sustainable way of life for us. I wasn’t perfect on the plan, but I was close. I feel good, I no longer look like I’m 4 months pregnant and lost 5.5 pounds and nearly 6.5 inches. My clothes fit differently, and to me, that is a success! I’m going to continue on the program until I reach my goal and ensure that I practice healthy living – holding myself accountable.”

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