valentines day gift ideas for men

7 Extraordinary Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

Need some gift ideas for Valentine’s Day for your man? We’ve got you covered with this list of extraordinary Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men!

make money online

Make Money Online Fast with These Apps

Who doesn’t need a little extra side income? I’ve been testing the following apps to see if it’s possible to actually make money – either cash or gift cards – and so far these have actually worked. Get started making money online with these apps today!

not happy

The #1 Reason You Are Not Happy!

Not happy? It’s not your fault! According to research, happiness boils down to two important things – hormones and your level of social apt.

cinnamon dolce latte

[Video] Homemade Cinnamon Dolce Latte

Check out this amazing homemade version of cinnamon dolce latte using smart coffee! It is so easy and delicious – if you are a fan of the Starbucks treat, you will love this healthier version!

how to make smart coffee

How to Make Smart Coffee – 3 Easy Steps!

If you want to know how to make smart coffee, you are in the right spot! Jump into the video below and take a look at how easy it is to make your own personalized smart coffee for your taste. 

buy nootropics

Best Places to Buy Nootropics Online

You know that nootropics will help improve memory and focus, but where should you buy nootropics online? Here are the safest and most highly recommended places to purchase nootropics. 

focus supplements

Can These Focus Supplements Increase Your Productivity?

Need a little help focusing? The easy answer is from one of the best focus supplements called Nootropics. You can find nootropics in many places…

Elevate Smart Coffee Side Effects

Elevate Smart Coffee Side Effects

Take a few minutes to learn about the amazing Elevate Smart Coffee side effects. Please understand this is my very biased opinion because I love my smart coffee!

good coffee

Good Coffee or Bad Coffee? How Does Coffee Affect You?

Does caffeine consumption have a positive or negative effect on you? Here are the benefits of good coffee vs. bad coffee.

where to buy smart coffee

Where to Buy Smart Coffee? Right Here!

Are you ready to give smart coffee a try? This article will help you answer the question of where to buy smart coffee? It’s easy, see more below.


Elevacity’s Future and the History of Smart Coffee

Elevacity is the company that brings us smart coffee, nitro, choclevate and so much more. Where did they come from and what are the future plans? Read more to find out!

instant coffee recipes

New! Instant Coffee Recipes You Can Make With Smart Coffee!

Smart coffee is instant coffee! Here are some of the top instant coffee recipes so you can enjoy all the amazing benefits you’ll get from smart coffee.

best coffee mugs

The Best Coffee Mugs Make a Statement!

It is so easy to personalize anything these days, but be careful which coffee cup you choose. The best coffee mugs need to a make a statement on a daily basis!

calories in coffee

Counting Calories In Coffee While Dieting?

Keto diet? Trying to focus on lowering your carb or sugar intake? You’ll definitely want to take a look at the calories in coffee plus whatever you put in your coffee – take a look at this helpful guide.

Best Energy Drink for Workouts!

Best Energy Drink for Workouts? Smart Coffee!

Consider Smart Coffee or Nitro Brew for the best energy drink for workouts! The boost you will get from smart coffee will help you get the physical and mental energy to get you through the workout and still have energy throughout the day.  Some of you out there love...
benefits of nootropics

Benefits of Nootropics: Could They Change Your Life?

Smart coffee has nootropics. But what are nootropics and what are the benefits of nootropics? More importantly, could they change your life? Read on to find out!

coffee heartburn

Coffee Heartburn? Here’s How to Avoid It!

Coffee can trigger heartburn, and unless you are a heartburn sufferer there’s no way you can understand the pain and discomfort. It’s possible to avoid coffee heartburn without having to give up your daily cup of happiness. 

supplements for brain fog

Best Supplements for Brain Fog | Improve Your Memory!

Hey mom and dads, are your kids sucking your brain power? Try these best supplements for brain fog. You’ll reduce brain fog and even improve your…

low acid coffee

You’ll Love This Tummy-Friendly, Low Acid Coffee

I had to stop drinking coffee! While that sounds like the worst thing ever, I found an amazing alternative, a low acid coffee that solved my problems and gave me all the amazing benefits of coffee.

decaf coffee alternatives

Decaf Coffee Alternatives That Taste Delicious!

When it’s time to cut back on caffeine, it makes sense to look for decaf coffee alternatives. This is a great place because these options are amazing! 

coffee facts

10 Unique Coffee Facts Every Coffee Lover Should Know!

Coffee facts are so interesting! Especially when you learn about smart coffee. Here are some coffee facts are good, old fashioned coffee. Plus, some extra tips about smart coffee, my favorite! 

types of coffee

Top 5 Most Delicious Types of Coffee

You know you love your morning cup of coffee. What does everyone else like? Here are the top 5 types of coffee that people around the world enjoy. 

You will LOVE this Instant Coffee with Nootropics

Have you considered instant coffee for your daily cup of happiness? I drink it every day! This instant coffee contains nootropics, which helps with memory and focus, reduces brain fog, as well as helps curb cravings!

Happy Coffee Cups- A Gift For All Occasions!

Looking for the perfect gift for a coffee lover? Here are my finds for the best happy coffee cups – something even non-coffee drinkers will enjoy! Read to the end to see the special additions.

coffee filter uses

15 Household Coffee Filter Uses You Haven’t Considered!

When you switch to smart coffee, which is an instant coffee and so easy to use you may no longer need your coffee filters. So here are 15 coffee filter use ideas you may not have considered. 

iced coffee

How to Make Iced Coffee with Smart Coffee

A big chill is sweeping the coffee industry as iced coffee beverages gain popularity. Check out these 4 ways to make iced coffee using your smart coffee!

b12 patch

Try this Vitamin B12 Patch for a Natural Energy Boost!

Did you know vitamin B12 patch is a better, less expensive way to get a steady source of vitamin B12? vitamin B12 shots are expensive and who knows if the B12 supplement in capsule form is absorbed into your system? B12 patches are a better way!

Nitro Coffee Review – Nitric Oxide Promotion from Coffee!

Have you heard of the latest NEW smart coffee? It’s called Nitro Brew and it helps promote nitric oxide in your body. Check out my Nitro coffee review!

elevate smart coffee

How Elevate Smart Coffee Is Making The World a Better Place

Elevate Smart Coffee IS Changing the World!
Have you ever come across a product that you immediately know would be able to make a HUGE impact in your life?

mother's day gifts for wife

How To Do Mother’s Day Gifts (for Your Wife!) The Right Way

This one is for the dads. First of all, you are awesome for searching for a Mother’s Day gifts for your wife! These gift ideas are perfect if your kids…


Boost Your Workouts [and More 😉] with Nitro Brew Coffee

Imagine the same amazing benefits of smart coffee with an added benefit of increased production of nitric oxide. Check out the amazing benefits of Nitro Brew Coffee.

smart coffee success

3 Outstanding Smart Coffee Success Stories!

Could you be the next smart coffee success story? Absolutely! Check out these success stories and learn how to view even more…

keto coffee

Why Keto Coffee Is The Best Thing Since The Keto Diet

So you are giving the keto diet a try and working on ketosis. What does this mean about your daily cup of coffee? Here is some good news about Keto Coffee!

sexy skin

The Insider’s Guide to Sexy Skin

Summer is finally here! And it’s getting warmer outside, so let’s get ready to show off. Here are some ways to make sure you are showing sexy skin!


Stubborn Belly fat? Avoid THESE Foods!

After having two kids, a stressful full-time job, and being someone who likes eating delicious junk food, I am guilty of having stubborn belly fat. The good news is that I’ve picked up some simple tips to help get rid of stubborn belly fat without focusing on...
keto products

5 Keto Products That Will BOOST Your Results!

Are you thinking about the keto diet a try? Read these tips and advice on the best Keto Products to help you improve your results!

best weight loss coffee

The Best Weight Loss Coffee | Try Today!

I am so happy to recommend the best weight loss coffee! Weight loss is only one of the amazing side effects. Keep reading to find out all the great thing smart coffee can do for you.

keto diet for women

Keto Diet for Women | Add D.O.S.E. for Faster Results

You can expect some amazing results on the keto diet for women. Consider adding DOSE to help increase your energy levels and overall happiness! Keep reading to find out more about DOSE. 

clear skin tips

Life-Changing Clear Skin Tips for Radiant Skin

Check out these clear skin tips for radiant skin. If you’ve made it through the teenage years and are still experience acne and breakouts, these steps will help you find the healthy, glowing skin you’ve always wanted!

healthy recipes for weight loss

World’s Largest List of Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss

Bookmark this page! The world’s largest list of healthy recipes for weight loss! This list is taken from Arbonne’s 30-days to healthy living program. As a supplement to the vegan protein from Arbonne, this page will be your best resource for healthy meals!

small business ideas for women

Small Business Ideas for Women: Online Business

Congratulations! If you are searching for small business ideas for women that means you are looking to start a home-based business in 2020.

new year's eve makeup

New Year’s Eve Makeup Tips and Trends for 2019

It’s party time! This NYE night out is going to be EPIC! Be prepared for a fun night with these New Year’s Eve Makeup trends and tips…

what is smart coffee

What is Smart Coffee?

What is smart coffee?You may have seen people post on social media about smart coffee. That is the first way I learned about this amazing…

how to reduce belly fat

How To Reduce Belly Fat in 3 SIMPLE Steps!

If you are sick and tired of belly fat, check out these proven tips on how to reduce belly fat in 3 easy steps. I know they work because I lost …

7 BEYOND Simple Ways to Add More Fruits and Veggies to Your Diet

Adding fruits and veggies to your diet is so important! Here are 7 seriously easy ways to add more fruits and veggies into your diet…

unique gifts for women

25 of the Most Unique Gifts for Women – Most Gifts Under $50!

Gifts for her that you'll want to buy for yourself, too! Check out these unique gifts for women including stocking stuff ideas, beauty gifts, ideas for your mom, girlfriends, best friends, sisters, or secret Santa! Jingle Balls - Bath Bombs These bath bombs are...
drink more water

Using Smart Coffee? Drink More Water for Better Results!

Drink more water, Especially if you are drinking smart coffee! Let’s make it fun with a challege to drink more water every day. Here are several ways …

elevate smart coffee review

Elevate Smart Coffee Review | Thumbs UP!

Check out my Elevate Smart Coffee Review. Have you heard of smart coffee or happy coffee? Read all about my review and results…


Here’s What to Drink Instead of Soda…and Improve Your Health!

Want to know what to drink instead of soda? I have a few suggestions if you need consistent energy throughout the day…you’ll leave your soda addiction in the dust!

reduce stubborn belly fat

Fastest (and Easiest) Ways to Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat

Check out these three tips to reduce stubborn belly fat! This guide will help you with 3 amazing tricks to start getting rid of that stubborn belly fat once and for all!

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