Smart coffee has nootropics. But what are nootropics and what are the benefits of nootropics? More importantly, could they change your life? Read on to find out!

benefits of nootropicsWould you change up your coffee routine if the new coffee had some amazing benefits that could change your life?

Take a look at the benefits and then decide.

I’m a believer in smart coffee’s ingredient called nootropics because smart coffee has made a huge impact on the way I feel.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are also known as smart drugs which are known to improve the overall health and functioning of your brain. The word nootropic is an amalgamation of two words- neo which means mind in Greek and trope, meaning change in French.

As is evident by the literary meaning of the word, nootropics aim to improve the functioning of your brain and its health. It leads to improvement in the cognitive abilities, concentrating power, and other aspects pertaining to the functioning of your brain.

Keep reading to learn the benefits of nootropics, the potential risks associated with their consumption, and how they could change your life.

Benefits of Using Nootropics

The key health benefits of using nootropics are detailed below:

Anti-Aging Properties

Poor memory is a result of unhealthy brain and the condition only worsens as you age. Cognitive decline has been directly correlated with aging. The degree of brain aging differs from person to person. One of the most common causes of brain aging is the buildup of free radicals.

These free radicals are unstable molecules which can damage the brain’s cell membranes. The unhealthy brain can also lead to other symptoms which generally include reduced vision, dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, etc.

Nootropics are known to slow the process of brain aging and improve overall brain health. They help to control the free radicals and stabilize them, thereby reducing the potential damage to your brain cell membranes. It can keep your nervous system healthy and also help in controlling the associated symptoms of brain aging.

Improved Concentration

The ability of your brain to concentrate effectively and for longer periods slows considerably due to poor brain health. However, brain aging is not the only reason for poor concentration as many young people also suffer from it.

Nootropics can help you to improve your concentration and memory.

They can lead to improved mood and clarity of thoughts which directly aid in improving your concentration, short-term, and long-term memory. Acetylcholine is the chemical found in the human brain which is associated with memory retrieval and formation. Acetylcholine is also found in some nootropics and consuming them in prescribed dosages can help to improve your memory and concentration.

Mood Improvement

Due to our hectic lifestyle, mood swings are quite common. A bad mood is also associated with poor concentration and memory.

A continued bad mood can also increase stress levels and lead to other health problems. Improper sleeping habits and irregular eating habits are also significant potential causes for a dull and bad mood, which can further spiral into stress and depression, if not controlled.

Nootropics are popular among consumers as they are known to improve mood and relieve stress and anxiety. Nootropics like Lion’s Mane mushroom has been proven by studies to have properties which can boost the nerve growth factor and thereby improve the mood of consumers.

Improved Memory

One of the most significant properties of nootropics is its ability to improve memory and brain functioning. Nootropics have been scientifically proven to improve the memory of its users for a long time now.

Most of us experience situations wherein we read a particular document or subject and then are unable to recall it later due to poor memory and brain functioning. Taking nootropics can help to address this problem and lead to better recall and improvement in both short-term and long-term memory.

Consuming nootropics can lead to regeneration of brain cell growth and neuro connectors which are very important for memory and recall.

Enhanced Brain Health

Nootropics can enhance the functioning of your brain and its overall health. The modern life which is highly busy and stressful can take a severe toll on your brain’s health and hamper its abilities to function rationally.

The sleeping patterns, eating habits, and schedules have been considerably altered in most of our lives due to the demanding modern lifestyle. You can take prescribed dosages of recommended nootropics to improve your brain’s overall health and functioning.

Nootropics can increase the total oxygen flow to your brain and improve its health. Some nootropics also help in the regeneration and growth of brain cells thus improving its health and functioning.

Reduced Stress and Better Sleep

Stress has become very common due to the busy lifestyle we are leading. Stress can impact your ability to think clearly and also impact your memory and retention.

Continued periods of stress can also lead to mental health issues like mental fatigue and depression. Nootropics can relieve stress either by promoting relaxation and improved mood or by regenerating the brain cells and chemicals which are drained by stress.

Nootropics can not only improve your brain functioning; it can also lead to improvements in your sleep quality. This further leads to better recovery, greater energy, and improved mood. Studies have also established a positive correlation between brain functioning and sleep quality.

Risks of Using Nootropics

Always speak to a doctor before changing your diet. Consuming nootropics in high dosages can also lead to cardiac problems, hypertension, anxiety, etc. as they are very powerful medications.

Another issue with nootropics is that they have very little research and empirical evidence backing their usefulness and effectiveness in specific health problems. In the absence of well-documented and quality research, the effectiveness of nootropics cannot be ascertained with absolute accuracy.

Where to Find Nootropics

Elevacity has created three amazing nootropic-infused products. For coffee drinkers, there are two options:

Smart Coffee

best weight loss coffeeElevate Smart Coffee is a great tasting micro-ground, functional coffee that contains a proprietary blend of Nootropic ingredients. Nootropics are all-natural amino acids, choline, and fat burners typically found in protein-rich foods but not always easy to get from diet alone. Nootropics are designed to assist with mental clarity, memory, and energy.

To enjoy smart coffee, simply add a scoop to 6-8 oz. water and dress it up as you would your daily cup of coffee. Be sure to increase the amount of water you are drinking daily to help get the most out of the product.

Nitro Brew

benefits of nootropicsBold, aromatic coffee with the extra benefit of antioxidants that boosts happiness.

This 100% Colombian Arabica coffee blooms with a bold, aromatic body. Using clinically proven naturally extracted polyphenols, Elevate NITRO promotes powerful natural nitric oxide production with extreme antioxidant capability. Each cup of Elevate NITRO uses clinically proven polyphenols that help generate efficient blood flow, boosts nutrient and oxygen delivery, naturally improves fatigue levels and performance, and increases energy and endurance levels.
Many people enjoy the smoother taste and reduce caffeine content in Nitro. I tend to mix a scoop of regular smart coffee plus Nitro to get all the benefits.

And if you prefer chocolate or are caffeine-sensitive, Choclevate offers all the same benefits of nootropics:


decaf coffee altnerativesChoclevate is a nootropic-infused hot chocolate. Enjoy the creamy taste and be happy.

Happiness and chocolate usually go hand-in-hand. Choclevate is a delicious Nootropic Hot Chocolate beverage designed to assist in the elevation of mood, mental focus, and energy. Nootropics are recognized for supporting cognitive function, memory, creativity and even motivation in healthy individuals.  If you’re a chocolate lover, this one’s for you!

There are so many great ways to enjoy Choclevate, check out some recipes here. 


Nootropics can lead to many positive changes in your health status and overall lifestyle as discussed in their benefits above. However, despite their numerous potential health benefits, the decision to take nootropics should not be taken in haste. Nootropics are not regulated by the FDA and hence they are not tested for safety as it is not required. Another problem with them is that there is no surety of the fact that the ingredients printed on the labels are actually present in them. You should always start taking nootropics only after consulting a doctor and based on their prescription only.

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