Hey mom and dads, are your kids sucking your brainpower? Try these best supplements for brain fog. You’ll reduce brain fog and even improve your memory and focus. 

supplements for brain fogThis one is for all the parents out there. First of all, moms. Do you remember when you were pregnant and you would forget certain things?

Back then you blamed it on ‘Mommy Brain.’

Well, guess what? Mommy brain is real and your brain really does change when you have kids.

Mommy brain lasts long after the baby is born – and we blame it on hormones or exhaustion.
The crazy thing is that your brain IS changing!

Most experts believe that pregnant women’s brain changes are an example of neuroplasticity, the process in which the brain changes throughout life by reorganizing connections in response to the stimulation of new experiences, and neurogenesis, the process of growth that allows for new learning.

Here are some highlights from the “Parental Care” study:

* Human maternal caregiving is governed by plastic brain networks.
* The maternal brain networks integrate emotion and reward with cognitive control.
* The human maternal brain adapts for mother–infant bonding.
* The human maternal brain changes with psychopathology.
* Parenting interventions may affect the plasticity of the human maternal brain.

A recent study in Nature Neuroscience found that even two years after pregnancy, women had gray matter brain changes in regions involved in social cognition or the ability to empathically understand what is going on in the mind of another person, to put yourself in their shoes.

This means that these women might forget the name of a character in their favorite TV show, for example, but would have no trouble in the type of memory that involves learning, reasoning, and comprehension.

Another interesting fact – this is not just for new mommy’s! New dads or adoptive parents can all suffer from Mommy brain!

Many new parents describe the bandwidth demands of an emotional tug-of-war: They’re pulled in to take care for their babies, but at times also have to push away from that vortex to tend to their own emotions and other aspects of life that preceded and coexist with parenthood.

This can be complicated by the guilt some parents describe feeling when they shift their attention to themselves and experiences other than the baby. And the psychological experience of mothers suffering from psychiatric conditions like postpartum depression presents additional complexity.
Then there are the cognitive and emotional demands of all of the learning that takes place in parenting.

Best Supplements for Brain Fog

If all this information and medical research has hit home for you, I’ve got two amazing, best supplements for brain fog to tell you about that you will absolutely love!


I would like to tell you something a little bit personal. After my first child was born, I had a really, really hard time dealing with anxiety. I didn’t realize it was a problem until a couple of months postpartum. There was a lot going on in my head and the way I was acting on the outside just wasn’t me. I had a hard time, as did those around me. 🙁 I spoke to my doctor and we found a low-level anxiety medication that helped me so much. I highly recommend having an open conversation with your doctor if things get really bad.


Back to how kids are sucking all of our brainpower…

All this boils down to brain fog. If you walk into a room and forget why are there, or how about if you look for your cell phone while you are talking on, you might be suffering from brain fog.

I actually wrote a helpful guide on brain fog and how to get rid of it.

The supplements for brain health that I’ve found is a combination of Nootropics and Xanthohumol.

Nootropics are recognized for supporting cognitive function, creativity, elevated mood and even motivation in healthy individuals.

Xanthohumol is an anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant molecule found in the flowering Hops Plant.


  • Helps Support cell health to fight oxidative stress
  • Helps Regulate Fat metabolism and storage
  • Helps Modulate Cholesterol and Triglyceride levels
  • Helps Promote general health to ward off illness
  • Helps Maintain Glucose and Insulin levels
  • Helps Protect against Free Radicals better than green tea and red wine, with 6 times the power of Antioxidant-rich citrus fruits and 4 times the strength of soy foods, also high in Antioxidants.

Where to find these Best Supplements for Brain Fog

Here’s the great thing, you can get nootropics in an amazing product called smart coffee. And Xanthohumol in a supplement called Xanthomax. Together, they are called DOSE because they help elevate all four happiness hormones – dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins.

keto productsElevate Brew (TM) has about 100mg of caffeine and the Xanthomax (TM) about 30mg. [The average cup of coffee has about 130 mg caffeine].

If you aren’t a coffee fan, you can get all the great benefits of smart coffee from Choclevate. It has no added caffeine, just the naturally occurring caffeine from cocoa.


I’ve used DOSE for a little over a year. I tend to take it for five days and then two off, so the effects don’t wear off.

On a busy day, I’ll toss a scoop of smart coffee into my protein shake. If not, I’ll add it to 8 ounces of hot water and fix it like I normally would a regular cup of coffee. Many people add it to their normal cup of coffee.

It’s worth a try to help your brain health and memory. You can get a 6 day trial for just $30!

Are you going to try these best supplements for brain fog? 

Shop Smart Coffee + Xanthomax

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