5 Ways to Reduce Brain Fog

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How to tell if you are a MOMBIE suffering from Brain Fog:

=> Do you zone while doing this dishes or driving or other mundane tasks?
=> Do you often forget why you walked into the room?
=> Do you call your child by multiple names until you get the right one?
=> Your typical dinner is your kid’s leftover snack food.
=> You drink multiple glasses of wine each night after the kids have gone to bed?

If you answered YES then YOU MIGHT BE A MOMBIE!

Do you suffer from Brain Fog? 

This guide not only tells you how to get MORE and BETTER sleep, it tells you exactly HOW…

  • Specific ways of how to STRESS LESS
  • Actionable strategies and tactics to be a SUPER MOM
  • Outline of the most effective strategies to IMPROVE YOUR NUTRITION
  • And so much more…


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Meet the author of this guide: Crystal Nichols

Crystal Nichols, Former Mombie

I am a mom with two kids and have struggled for years with many problems that many other moms deal with. Problems like weight gain, postpartum depression, irregularity, stress, and irrational moods. I was stressed, had zero energy, and struggled to keep up with all the pressures of life, work, and family.

I learned the hard way that I must make my health a priority. Besides, you can’t pour from an empty cup!

I started to put my health first, starting with my diet and digestive tract.  I finally cracked the code of how to take care of myself. I’m FEELING GREAT. So, now I’m sharing my plan with other moms.

brain fog

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