How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online 👉Start Here!

How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online 👉Start Here!

Have you gone through your entire friends and family list and feel a bit discouraged about your network marketing business?network marketing business

I understand! I’ve been there.

You are so excited about your products or the business opportunity that you can’t understand why people aren’t jumping at the opportunity.

Tell me – are you posting product images on social media or sending messages asking people to join your team?

It’s OK if you have. We’ve all done it.

Here’s the important thing to understand – there IS money in your warm market, which is your friends and family. BUT, your warm market is LIMITED.

When new team members sign up on my team, I walk them through the first 7 days. Over the first week, my new team members are educated about the company as well as daily action steps to take to approach their warm market. The goal is to help them find their first sale within the first week.

But after those first 7 days, I want new team members to start their internet domination by building a personal brand.

But even before that I want them to understand attraction marketing with a 10-day attraction marketing bootcamp.

This 10-Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp is FREE and available if you are interested – just click here to get started.

During this bootcamp, you’ll learn about network marketing business strategies you can use online to connect with prospects all over the world. You’ll learn how to provide so much value, that people will come to you begging you to buy your products or join your team.

After this attraction marketing bootcamp, you will never again feel desperate to make a sale, or message old high school friends with a hidden agenda.

Learn how to build your network marketing business automatically here. Even if you have no experience building a business online, you can take advantages of these methods.

Get started being a true entrepreneur by building your network marketing business and your personal brand online.

Attraction Marketing for Your Network Marketing Business

The bootcamp is amazing and you’ll learn strategies that will help boost your network marketing business to amazing heights. But, what about recruiting?

Have you had any luck recruiting so far? If you have, how did you train them? Have they been successful?

I have been there and it’s a struggle. All you know is to teach them the old-school methods that you were taught! Am I right?! Let’s fix that.

The key is duplication.

To build a truly successful and profitable business, you need a system in place that helps new team members duplicate your success.

If you are ready to jump into this, consider downloading the Attraction Marketing Formula. This eBook is an instant download where you’ll learn:

  • The secret to selling ANYTHING. Once you get this concept you’ll be able to successfully market ANY kind of a product or business opportunity. (Page 34)
  • ​How you can transform your business overnight and quickly create a massive downline WITHOUT even promoting your business opportunity. This ONE TIP has been responsible for launching a new wave of Million Dollar earners.
  • ​The absolute BEST WAY to generate leads and get paid in the process EVEN IF they never join your business. I used this to kickstart my list and got 323 red-hot leads and pocketing $359.56 in pure profit. (Page 30)
  • ​How to create a perfect “Doorway” into your business and generate an endless stream of high-quality leads. I’ll show you the most effective way to attract a huge number of prospects and exactly what I did to go from lead poverty to creating literally HUNDREDS of Thousands of leads online. (Page 57)
  • ​How to get thousands of people to TRUST you, hang on to your every word and join ANY business or buy ANY product with a single email. (Page 77)
  • ​How to add NEW streams of income to your existing Network Marketing business. You can do this as quickly as one hour and immediately turn it into ongoing residual profits. (Page 31)
  • ​Got an idea for a product you want to sell online? 90% of these ideas FAIL miserably… but here’s a simple 5-step process to make sure you hit the bull’s eye every single time. (Page 40)
  • ​How to turn the tables on all the skeptics and boneheads… NEVER AGAIN explain to ANYONE the difference between a “pyramid scheme” and your MLM opportunity – and Get Qualified & Interested Leads Only!
  • ​Ever email your prospects? This is where most people BLOW IT… here’s the most important tip you will ever hear about email marketing. (Page 79)
  • ​A simple laundry trick you can use to consistently get more people and pump new blood into your business every single day. (Page 17)
  • ​Should you lead with your product or business opportunity for MAXIMUM success? The right answer may surprise you. (Page 39)
  • ​How to start on a tiny shoestring budget and actually turn prospects who never join your business or buy your product into THOUSANDS of Dollars in profits. (Page 28)
  • ​A little 4 letter word that’ll make every one of your ads jump out, grab your prospect’s attention, and elicit a strong emotional response. This is the SECRET to attracting the “right person” and getting them to chase YOU. (Page 25)
  • ​How to pick the right domain name for your attraction marketing machine. Most people do it WRONG. (Page 49)
  • ​A 5-step “Million Dollar Blueprint” to creating a never-ending flow of high-quality prospects into your MLM business and turning it into a 7-Figure empire. (Page 22)
  • ​The single biggest secret Multi-Million (and BILLION) Dollar companies use to rake in insane amounts of money… and how YOU can use the exact same secret to virtually EXPLODE your income in no time flat. (Page 36)
  • ​How to use email to AUTOMATICALLY grow your prospect list, build relationships and fatten your bank account. (Page 73)

​This truly is just the tip of the iceberg of what you’re about to discover inside this tightly condensed Million Dollar playbook.

I’m excited for your success! You just have to get started today…or soon at least. 😊 Head over to the 10-day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp to get started! Or download the Attraction Marketing Bootcamp eBook to learn all the strategies you’ll need to revamp your business.


5 Ingenious Ways to Find New Business Leads

5 Ingenious Ways to Find New Business Leads

Network marketing is not easy, that’s for sure! Once you’ve talked to your warm market, what’s next? How do you find new business leads? Check out these ideas!

I get it! You are passionate about the products you sell. I am too. But’s it’s not easy to convey that passion into new sales. That’s why I always recommend the 10 Day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp that will help my new recruits learn the basics of attraction marketing.

Here’s a quick recap of the reverse invite method, that you probably learned about at some point:

This sound familiar..?

You’re constantly inviting people to take a look at your business—but all too often you’re hearing a resounding, “No!”

…or worse yet, “Let me think about it.”

Kinda discouraging, right?

Maybe you’ve started thinking to yourself…

  • “Sheesh, I just want to stop CHASING people!”
  • “How do I get people to ASK ME about my business?”
  • “How can I finally transform all the actions I’m taking into actual, concrete results (like new customers and distributors)?”
    Hey, we’ve all been there!

Sometimes prospecting can make you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, getting nowhere fast.

But here’s the truth…

The problem with a lot of “traditional” network marketing methods is this:

Most of what’s being taught simply doesn’t work!

In fact, if you’re following the advice of an old, out-of-touch upline, you might very well be…

Repelling people rather than attracting them to your business!

Luckily, we’ve got a solution.

It’s called the “Reverse Invite Method.”

Every day, somewhere between 15 and 20 people reach out to us to ask exactly what it is that we’re doing.

They are, quite literally, inviting themselves to take a look at our business.

Our method starts with creating curiosity.

It relies on making yourself so unique people want to reach out to YOU and invite themselves to take a look at whatever it is you’re doing.

So you don’t have to worry about finding and inviting people, because you’ll have a constant, never-ending stream of people reaching out to you.

Now, you’re probably wondering how this works, what platform you use, and if it’s free or paid.

Keep Reading…Source

Let’s get into it. What are some new and ingenious ways to attract new business leads to your network marketing business?

You know to start with your warm market. Because you never know, some friends and family may be interested in your products. But, what next? How can find new business leads for your network marketing business when you run out of friends and family?

How to Find New Business Leads for Your Network Marketing Biz

I’ve never been happier since I’ve been on this network marketing journey. But finding new business leads, it ain’t easy! Here are some tips that I’ve learned along the way:

1. Solve a Problem

OK – this is vital for any business. No one cares about your products or services. What problem do you solve? What are the pains that your target market faces? For us network marketers, we have issues with:

  • Rejection
  • Running out of leads
  • No friends left
  • Finding business partners
  • Retention
  • Attrition
  • No-shows
  • Feeling like you need to be everywhere at once
  • Getting tired of being around people all the time
  • Not knowing what to say
  • Never enough time
  • Running out of money
  • Being pulled in multiple directions
  • Judgment from others
  • Unsupportive friends and family
  • Searching for qualified people
  • Not knowing how to create duplication
  • Being avoided
  • Not knowing how to close the sale
  • Unmotivated downline
  • Cold prospecting strangers

Honestly, my first attempt at network marketing was pre-internet and pre-social media. It was ugly. I honestly went to the mall and restaurants and passed out my business card to every woman I came in contact with. My upline loved me, but wow did I hate it!

Now we have the internet and social media at our fingertips and it is so much easier to find new business leads! Figure out the problem you solve and whom you solve it for – that is your target market. Once you figure that out, market specifically and only to those people, you’ll find success beyond your wildest dreams.

2. LinkedIn

You probably set up a LinkedIn profile when you got started in Corporate America. Have you checked it lately? LinkedIn is a gold mine for new business leads!

Gloria MacDonald is the queen of LinkedIn and has all the tips and tricks for success on LinkedIn. To find new business leads on LinkedIn, check out the LinkedIn Recruiting Scripts Grab Bag.

LinkedIn is where you can use:

  • A simple 3-step process for building a HUGE bank of LinkedIn connections… and turning them into NEW team members.
  • How to trigger INSTANT curiosity in your prospects… get them to welcome your messages with open arms… and check out your business with enthusiasm. This method works ONLY with LinkedIn.
  • 6 ways LinkedIn can help you connect with your IDEAL prospects, and get right down to business while skipping the small talk.
  • A little-known strategy for gaining MASSIVE INFLUENCE… by getting LinkedIn to AUTOMATICALLY create a powerful rapport bridge with your prospects.

LinkedIn is a great place to find new business leads! Check it out ASAP!

3. Get Referrals from Current Customers

You have customers. They should be your number 1 place to look for recruits. Have you tried the 3-way messaging tactic? This is an easy and non-committal way to get your prospect to talk to your upline. Here’s a little more info:

Networkers Today Are Doing Social Media All Wrong & Destroying Their Reputation In The Process
You see, for years, we’ve been told to start with our warm market.

And after talking to every single person we’ve ever met since kindergarten, we were taught cold prospecting techniques.

To camp out at the mall.

Strike up conversations with strangers in line at the grocery store.

Prospect the waiter.

And basically, use every encounter with a human being as an opportunity to talk about our business. Right?

So is it any wonder most people roll their eyes at the first sign of a “business opportunity”?

Well, the same thing is now happening online. Many network marketers have jumped on the bandwagon of using social media to prospect and recruit.

And since you can connect and reach out to anyone with a click of a mouse, social media has become the new playground for bright-eyed and bushy-tailed network marketers who don’t know what they are doing…

And they’re RUINING IT for the rest of us.

Read more and download the guide here. 

4. The Fortune is in the Follow Up

“Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something: they’re trying to find someone who’s going to make them feel good. In reality, the only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not a place that you go to take.”

– Anthony Robbins, American Advisor to Leaders

You have followers – on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram. If your page looks like a commercial for your company, please reconsider. The point of your page should be to provide value and create long-term relationships. Refer back to my number 1 point, provide value by showing your followers how to solve their problem.

You don’t need to sell your business to anybody. You can start making money as soon as you get your first subscriber if you do the following:

  • Provide value to your newsletter subscribers
  • Position yourself as a leader and expert in MLM or home business to your subscribers.
  • Offer a solution (your solution) to your subscribers, while continuing to provide value regardless of whether a subscriber buys or joins you.

The key here is you want to keep people around long enough so that they eventually will buy or join you, (hence “the fortune is in the follow up”).

Read More

5. Blog, Blog, Blog

If you want to use the power of Google where millions of people can find you, start a blog. It’s fairly easy, or if it isn’t easy for you – hire someone to do it for you.

With a website of your own, you don’t have to rely on the algorithms of Facebook or Instagram. It is worthwhile to take a course on SEO – search engine optimization.

With a website, you can create an email marketing machine. This is a great way to keep in touch with your loyal fans. There is a lot more to say about starting a website and create an email marketing strategy. Take a look at some trainings to get started. Now, once that is in place, you’ll need a lead magnet to attract people to your website and email list.

Here is a great place for anyone interested in internet marketing to find new business leads:

“How To Flood Your Website With The Most Targeted Traffic And Quickly Build A Big List Of Ready-To-Buy Leads”

Full blow-by-blow case study inside:

Discover how we turned a $10 ad into $141,246.30 in 171 Days… and then scaled our sales to over $1,513 PER DAY!

Discover More

FREE 10-Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp

Small Business Ideas for Women: Home-Based Business 2019

Small Business Ideas for Women: Home-Based Business 2019

Congratulations! If you are searching for small business ideas for women that means you might be looking to start a home-based business in 2019. Read my thoughts about best practices when you join a network marketing business.

Earlier this year in 2018, I started looking for small business ideas for women. I knew I wanted to do something, but I just didn’t know what. I made some decisions to get started and I haven’t looked back once!

I discovered that I was passionate about certain products, took a look at the compensation plans, and moved forward full speed ahead. But here’s the thing, I wanted to take everything I’ve learned in digital marketing and apply it my business. I knew I wasn’t interested in doing home parties and other old-school network marketing tactics. Now, I’m building two teams of amazing leaders. The trick is that i have strict criteria when I add a team member. I’ll tell you all about it, just keep reading.

If you are looking for small business ideas for women and want to join a network marketing business, please consider looking past the traditional ways that network marketers have gone to market in the past. Old school home parties and even online facebook parties don’t really work anymore. I can help discover some new ways to help you find an audience of potential customers.

Small business ideas for women: Why Network Marketing companies get a bad rap

We’ve all been there, a friend, family member, or neighbor contacts you through Facebook and wants to tell you about this new business opportunity that you should consider.

Then, everything they talk about is all about products and why you should join their team. You know, amazingly enough that has actually worked for some people. It used to work really well. Not today, though. People are turned off by networking marketers. When someone signs up to be a consultant for a network marketing company they are told that everyone they know and touch should be buying their products. That is just so wrong!

Keep reading to learn about attraction marketing and why network marketers need to adjust their marketing strategy.

Network Marketing Distribution Model

If the company is using a direct sales distribution model, that means that the product is shipped directly from the manufacturer to you. Pretty awesome right?

On the other hand, when you buy a product off the shelf, the product has been made, shipped to a distribution center, waited to be sent to a store near you, shipped, stocked and sat on the shelf waiting for you to purchase it. How old is that skin cream you just bought at Target? The products you receive from a network marketing company are typically very fresh.

Network marketing companies depend on independent consultants to market their products for them. That means that very little money is spent on marketing and public relations so more money can be spent on research and development. That is why most direct sales and network marketing companies have higher quality ingredients than what you see in chain stores.

Network marketers need to learn about Attraction Marketing

If you are on reddit take a look at the subreddit, r/antimlm. But don’t stay there too long, it gets pretty ugly. The problem is that tactics that new consultants use to announce their business are old school and then people off.

New consultants are told to think of their 100 closest friends and family members that they would like on their team, and then talk to them about the opportunity or ask them to host a party. Then, at the party with 10 of their friends, they try to get someone else to host a party and the cycle continues on and on.

The problem is that in today’s world, people are over home parties! If you’ve attended one, you’ve probably bought something you didn’t really want just to support the friend hosting the party.

Most people will buy something in the $20-$30 range at home parties just to be a good friend and be a nice person.

So, that new consultant has sold to some products to their close friends who are already kind of annoyed that they had to buy something. There’s a chance that someone likes the products enough to sign up to sell. This is the traditional way that network marketing businesses have worked in the past. Unfortunately, the problem is that the consultant will eventually run out of friends to purchase their products and will likely quit the business within the first 6 months to a year.

That is why you see stats like 95% of people in network marketing fail. It’s because people are targeting the wrong type of people to sell their network marketing products.

I advise everyone on my team and everyone searching for small business ideas for women to learn about Attraction Marketing. In fact, there is a free 10-day course available here. 

Small business ideas for women: Read this before you consider joining a Network Marketing business

If you’ve read this far, you understand that I am a fan of the direct sales/network marketing industry.

Let me explain. I worked in the corporate world over 20 years. After having kids, my “career” seemed so much less important and I was searching for a way that I could spend more time at home and replace my income. So, I was introduced to Smart Coffee.

Then, something else happened. I started dreaming. What if i could also retire my husband early? That would be crazy!

This was around the time I was meeting with our financial planner for retirement. He mentioned that we have about 23 years left on our mortgage. That means that if our income stays approximately the same, I’ll be 63 when we pay off our house. So, I’ll get two whole years of working without worry about a mortgage.

This seriously made me pause.

I’m going to spend my entire working life paying off a house.

That is NOT the goal I set for myself when I started out in the corporate world. The reason I love network marketing is that you have a potential for unlimited income. Yes, some fail. Yes, you will have to sacrifice and work hard. But, it’s possible to achieve greatness. Many have done it!

Small business ideas for women: It is possible to be successful in network marketing

I absolutely think that you should start a home-based business by selling network marketing products.small business ideas for women

But, I would like for you to consider going a different way when you plan your go to market strategy for your business.

That is key! Look at your network marketing business as an actual business. If you started a computer software company, would you make your mom, sister, and best friend by software from you?

No! You would research the market and find the perfect target customers and then try to reach them however you can. You would focus your marketing on the problem that your product solves.

Small business ideas for women: Does your product solve a problem?

Yes, of course your product solves a problem. The trick is to define the problems and find the people that need a solution to that problem.

Take notice of advertisements that stand out to you. Do they focus on the attributes of the product or how the product will help you solve a problem?

For example, can I interest you in something called smart coffee that contains nootropics? Or does this work better – Do you have brain fog? I do! and I think most busy moms do as well! Then, I have an awesome product for you called smart coffee. Let’s chat about it – I’ll send you some samples and let me know what you think!

Another example uses something called a curiosity post: I can’t believe I’ve lost 2 pounds just by drinking coffee!

The qualities I look for in team members

Here’s the information I promised earlier. I have a few different requirements in team members.

The first and most important asset is to have a strong passion about the products. Sometimes people sign up as a consultant for the discount and that is perfectly okay. You never know, one day you may share your love for the products and find a desire to really start building a business.

The second asset is someone that makes a commitment to starting a business. If you are willing to incorporate non-traditional marketing methods (blogging, creating youtube channel, even just using social media to talk about the problems you can help solve.) to your marketing strategy, you are someone I want on my team. This is a long-term strategy and many team members use those traditional marketing tactics to get their business started off with a bang.

The third asset is either knowing if you are an influencer or an introvert.

The “know, like, trust” factor – If you have a large following of friends on social media, you could quickly and easily make a big impact in a network marketing business. For example if you post on Facebook about a certain restaurant they enjoyed and several people comment that they’ll also try the restaurant soon – you should consider yourself an influencer.

I’m NOT one of those people! I’m an introvert who would rather do anything than host a home party for a network marketing business. But, I’m willing to work and use the power of the internet to find the perfect customer and perfect team members. Both types of people – introverts and influencers – can be hugely successful!

No matter if you’re an influencer or an introvert, you can easily build a network marketing business. That’s because the Internet and all the social media platforms offers a huge opportunity for everyone.

Small business ideas for women: Use the power of the internet

The old-school, traditional ways of building a network marketing business include doing home parties. So, you may reach 10 – 20 people a week if you’re lucky. By building a network marketing business online, you’ll target your perfect audience across the world. You have the potential to reach hundreds, thousands, even millions.

You may think you can’t start a website, but you can. There are so many websites that make it easy for you. Learn about search engine optimization so people can find you easily.

Don’t want to build a website? Start a YouTube channel. YouTube is it’s own search engine. Did you know that people are earning a full-time income just by making YouTube videos? Obviously, there is more to it than that. But, once you open your mind to the power of YouTube, you could do BIG things.

I’m not a fan of Facebook for small businesses, but think about Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest is another search engine that could open huge opportunities for you!

I’m just so excited about the power of the internet! I work with every team member to help build a strategy. You just need to get started!small business ideas for women

Do you know anyone that sells essential oils? I know many. You know the most successful ones? The ones that help people with recipes that will help their kid’s cough, or sleep better at night. I want to know how I can prevent head lice! That is helping me solve a problem.

Small business ideas for women: Smart Coffee

Do you think a cup of coffee could change  the world? Well, smart coffee has changed mine! I am sharing my love for this amazing stuff while building a business and helping other build their businesses. The fact is that each company offers the highest quality products and they are unique from anything else you’ll find on the market.

Smart coffee elevates your happiness hormones.

I’m passionate about helping women feel like themselves again, especially after having kids. And if I can help you build a business, even better!

If you have a nagging dread on Sunday nights and want to do anything but go to work on Monday morning, it may be time to start a network marketing business. If you are ready and willing to put the work in today for freedom tomorrow, you’ve got what it takes! Just get started!

Ready to Find Your Passion?

Guide to Building Your Personal Brand and Business Online

Guide to Building Your Personal Brand and Business Online

Here is your step by step guide to building your personal brand and business online!

Your brand is you, and your name is your personal brand.

personal brandOne thing I have learned during my time as a network marketer is that the company you are with may change.

Rule #1 of building your business online is to never mention your company’s name or product on your personal profile or in social media posts. (I know this sounds crazy, you’ll learn more about the WHY in the attraction marketing formula.)

You may have a disagreement with the marketing tactics of the direct sales company you are with, you may be introduced to a new opportunity that you feel is a better fit for you, you never know what will happen.

This is why you should work on building YOUR personal brand rather than promoting the brand of the network marketing company you currently work with.

Are you going against your company policy?

Does your company have rules against advertising? This is a huge reason to build YOUR personal brand instead of promoting the company name. I found this out the hard way when I first started. I blasted the company name everywhere only to learn that there are many, many rules when using someone else’s brand.  This makes sense for you AND for your network marketing company – you BOTH want to protect your brand.

Build your personal brand with YOUR NAME as the brand and your company can’t say anything one way or another about what you put on your page.

Create your personal brand, provide value, and your audience will start to know, like, and trust you – and follow you no matter what!

Here is the step by step guide to building your personal brand and business online:

1. Answer this question first: What problem are you going to solve?

Once you have answered this question, you can easily create your personal brand. Your goal from this point on is to become an expert in the field of the problem you solve. You want people to know you as the go-to guru for all things regarding your industry.

Based on the products you sell, you could be a health and wellness expert, you could be a fashion guru, you could even be a network marketing coach!

Now, if something happens and you decide to start promoting a new company or even add a new line, it’s not a big deal! People know you, like you, and trust you. The goal is that you have created so much value that your followers will follow you to any company, buy whatever you sell, and want to be on your team. They like YOU and not just the network marketing company.

2. Create your brand using social media

Which social media platform should you use? Pick one main platform and a couple of additional. You can’t fully focus on all social media platforms, it just isn’t possible!

  • Facebook has 1.47 billion active daily users
  • YouTube has 1 billion active monthly users
  • Instagram has 600 million monthly users
  • Twitter has 313 million monthly users
  • Pinterest has 150 million monthly users
  • LinkedIn has 106 million monthly users

I recommend starting with Facebook since it is so easy to create a business page and use their advertising platform to target your intended audience. Many team members of mine ask the question — Do I need really need a Facebook business page?

Yes! Here are several reasons why…

Facebook limits the number of friends you can have at 5,000. So, you are limited in the number of friends you can have on your personal profile. On a Facebook fan or business page, you are allowed an unlimited number of fans. Plus, you can’t advertise from your personal Facebook page! But, with a Facebook business page, advertising is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Not sure about you, but I am building an outrageously thriving business, so I need over 5,000 followers! So, go ahead and create your Facebook business page with your name and Public Figure as the settings.

I will go into this on a later post, but the steps to create a thriving business online are:

  1. Build your brand
  2. Attract your ideal customers
  3. Provide Value
  4. Sell products or services/Recruit these folks to your business

It seems so easy! It’s a bit of a process and takes some time, but it is worth it! As with everything, consistency is key.

Now that you have selected your social media preference, start creating value! Post 2-3 times a day consistently and your followers will start noticing how awesome you are. If they love the content you provide, they will love you!

As I discussed before, you may not feel like an expert, but there may be someone two steps behind you. You can help them get further by providing what you have learned. They will follow you forever. I know, because I have mentors that I will follow for life! Read more about this in “Brand Me: You Need a Personal Brand. Here’s Why.”

3. Logo, Website, Landing Pages, Pop-ups, and More

You DO NOT have to be a techie, graphic designer, or web designer to accomplish this step. There are many free, easy to use, and low-cost resources out there.

Fiverr– Get your logo created for $5.

You do not have to have a fancy logo but if you would like one they are so easy to do. Just go to, search for logo design. You can browse the logo styles available like handwritten, icon, signature, and so much more.

I recommend using a “top-rated seller” on Fiverr so you are guaranteed a great experience.

Feel free to use my affiliate link:

Canva – Graphic design – Use this to create cover photos for social media, blog graphics, literally any graphic you need. Canva is free and so simple to use. This is my go-to for all my graphics! I also use and if I ever need a free photo and I can’t find one on Canva. – Find your Website URL

If you want to rapidly grow your business, you need a website. Check out and search for your first name and last name to see if that URL is available.

I have used many website companies and is the easiest to use. They don’t add a lot of different things to try and confuse you. This is a very straightforward way to grab your URL.

Unfortunately for me, wasn’t available so I went with the closest option. If your name isn’t available, you can try to see if your niche is available. Something like or You can get creative, just make sure it is short and easy to remember.

Elite Marketing Pro Annual Members – Hosting

Have you checked out the Attraction Marketing Formula? Well, the company behind this amazing training, Elite Marketing Pro, makes it so easy for non-techie marketers to create a top-notch website. They give you the hosting, website theme, landing pages, pop-ups, and everything for you. And they walk you through how to set it all up. As an annual member, you receive a website address, but it is a sub-site and not really your own. I recommend getting your own domain and if you sign up as an annual Elite Marketing Pro member, you can map your domain to their awesome service.

They have tons of training and support to walk you through this as well. When you sign up, you can have your website ready to go in just a few steps. It’s as easy as plugging in a few items like your about me section and your website is done for you.

If you use this service, you will be using Thrive Themes, which I use and highly recommend. The fee for Elite Marketing Pro Annual is a great offer because it includes the option to use Thrive Themes. With this tool, you can create pop-ups that will help people opt-in to your irresistible offer (see #5 below). It will help you create landing pages. Thrive Themes gives your potential customers a better experience because it is so pretty and simple. I love it! There are many other options when it comes to building landing pages, but Thrive Themes is definitely the best value.


When you register your domain, make sure you sign up for a private email service. How many businesses do you know that use or as their email provider? Not many successful ones. You can forward your business mail to Gmail to make it easier to check. Having a professional email with your domain will make you look a million times more professional than the next guy.

4. Email Marketing Service

This is important! I understand that you are going to actively set up social media profiles for your brand. But, what if those social media sites disappear? I know that seems far-fetched. But, sending a weekly email newsletter is an amazing way to stay in touch with your audience and ensure your brand recognition.

So, let’s set up an email marketing service, so you can start collecting customer and potential customers email addresses.

My favorite is Aweber, (Check it out here) because it is the best system out there. It is easy to use, and the deliverability rates surpass any other provider out there. There is a fee to use this service, even if your list is small. MailChimp is free until you get to a certain number of subscribers, but the free service has some limitations.

5. Irresistible Offer

This one is fun! Your goal is to attract your target audience to your email list. So, what advice do you have for your audience? What is something that will create curiosity and make it irresistible for them to refuse? All they must do is exchange their email address to get the info.

Here are some examples:

Healthy is the New Happy: A Wellness Guide

Plant-Based Diet for Beginners

Attraction Marketing Formula

You’ll start moving people from social media to your website and then to your email list. Once you start sending weekly newsletters, they will start getting to know and expecting to hear from you. That’s why you start subtly promoting products, service, or the opportunity to join your team.

This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. This is a way to build a real business with lots and lots of amazing, loyal customers. Start your brand today and you’ll create a base of customers that love you!

If you really want to get into more details about digital marketing, consider taking a free course called the CLICK Technique. One-Click Lindsay is one of the best digital marketers out there. Take the free course here:

Brand Me: You Need a Personal Brand. Here’s Why.

Brand Me: You Need a Personal Brand. Here’s Why.

Network marketers start today creating Brand Me. This is the first step to creating a successful business! Here’s why you need to create your brand today!

Hey Network Marketers!

Have you seen (or done) this on social media?

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to announce that I am now selling _____!!! I know you’ll love the products as much as I do! Go here to order:! Here’s a selfie of me drinking my smoothie!

This is the number one mistake that network marketers are making today.

Here’s why:

  1. Who cares? Yes, if I’m your (REALLY GOOD) friend, your mom, or your sister then I’ll probably buy from you. But, this isn’t a scalable business. You are reaching out to people that aren’t buying what you are selling.
  2. Too high for my wallet! I can easily go straight to your website and see the high prices. Whew, I can get that on Amazon for cheaper. I’ll pass.
  3. Googling it now! I can also do a quick Google search on your company and see that it has terrible reviews and some people even think it’s a SCAM!

Here’s the thing, I am guilty of doing this exact thing and launching my business this way! Almost every successful network marketer that I know tells the story of how they made the mistake of associating their personal business with their network marketing brand. It may have worked for a while, but most of their recruits quit during the first year, and they didn’t make the money they thought they would.

The company you are with is NOT your brand. YOU are your brand! It’s time to create Brand Me.

Creating Brand Me

brand meFirst of all, you need to establish yourself as an expert in your industry.

What does your network marketing company sell? Makeup, jewelry, healthcare products? You are now an expert in that specialty. You can use all the training that your company provides to learn as much as you can about that subject.

You may not be an expert yet, but you will be able to help people that are two steps behind you. And then, you’ll grow together.

Your mindset will have a lot to do with the success of this phase of your business. You have value to offer to others! Believe in yourself and others will as well.

Here are 3 important reasons to build Brand Me

  1. You Want People To Recognize YOU

This is also called brand recognition. I typically recommend going with your name as your brand, especially with your website. Sadly was taken when I started this journey! So, I had to get a little creative and went with as in the one and only (ha!)

What is the value you are going to create for your audience? That is a key to ‘Brand Me.’ You can also pick a name that helps describe the value people can expect. Brand Me is about picking a name that people will recognize as someone that creates insane value that they can’t live without.

How will you create brand recognition? By providing value. If you sell products that help people create six-pack abs, then share workout and diet tips on how to get six-pack abs.

This is NOT a get rich quick scenario. Building your brand will take a while. People will need to understand the value you provide, like you, and trust you.

Eventually, you’ll have an army of people following you ready and willing to buy whatever it is you are selling!

  1. The Trust Factor

Who do you trust enough to buy from? They are probably someone you know pretty well and have a relationship. By being real and showing your true self online, people will be able to get to know you through your Facebook or Instagram posts, tweets, and/or videos.

No matter which social media platform you choose to focus on – be real! People will get to know, like, and trust you by loving the value you provide.

Put yourself out there and you will build trust. Your audience will LOVE you! Remember, you are two steps ahead of them. You are helping them grow! Share your advice, your knowledge, and be personal. Your audience will feel like they know you, even without speaking to you one-on-one.

  1. You’ll Get New Customers!

Our neighborhood has a Facebook page and recently we needed someone to help with lawn care. So, I posted the question wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a lawn company. A few recommendations came through and I went with a company that a friend recommended.

I was able to cheat a little on this one because I could see the job that the lawn care company did. Seeing the results and knowing that our neighbors had a great experience made it a million times easier to select a company.

How could this apply to your business?

Do you sell protein shakes? Show us your favorite recipes or how to make the perfect smoothie. Whatever product it is, share the value that could be received from your products. Makeup? Share makeup tutorials. Once you’ve established a relationship, even it’s online, people will like you and trust your product recommendations.

The result of creating your own brand or Brand Me is that after some time, people will start to rely on your advice and recommendations. This could mean bringing in repeat customers!

Brand Me by Being Yourself!

This one was tough for me to figure out. I am an introvert through and through. So, posting online and sharing my personal stories, my trials, and my successes was difficult.

But, I had a strong desire to succeed. Once I figured out how to brand myself and build the right audience, it got much easier.

I simply imagine myself on the first day I signed up to be a network marketer. I didn’t know anything, but I was excited. How awesome would it have been to have a coach that could direct me on how to build a network marketing business online?! I want to be that person for the next network marketer!

I hope I can provide value by teaching step by step goals to build your business online. So, ask yourself these questions. Does it work for you to:

  • Do old-school strategies like prospecting strangers in public?
  • Approach every conversation with an agenda in the back of your mind?
  • Take time away from your family to go to meetings, home parties, etc?

For me, using my upline’s advice resulted in miserable failure. When I learned to start taking the advice of those that were outrageously successful in network marketing and created Brand Me, that’s when the tide started to turn.

Are you ready to evaluate attraction marketing strategies to see if they work for you?

If yes, then I highly recommend you sign up for this FREE Online Recruiting Bootcamp. It’s a video course where my friend and mentor Ferny Ceballos, walks you through how to build your business using the latest technologies—where prospects come to you on a daily basis—already interested in what you’ve got!

You can take advantage of these methods starting today—no matter how much (or little) online prospecting and recruiting experience you have currently.

This is, by far, the most efficient way to build your business today. If you’re ready to get started, simply click here and I’ll gladly give you access to my 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

FREE 10-Day Attraction Marketing Boot Camp

Crystal Nichols

Crystal Nichols

Crystal is a digital marketing expert with over 18 years experience in the technology industry. As a VP of Marketing, she has helped create strategies that consistently create leads, increase website traffic, and increase revenue for the IT and security companies she works with.

After entering the direct sales/network marketing world, she discovered that the old, traditional ways of network marketing didn’t work for her. With her experience in digital marketing in the B2B world, she knew she could take her skills and expertise could help her discover a new world of network marketing. Learn more about Crystal here. 

Attraction Marketing Formula: Or How to Be Popular

Attraction Marketing Formula: Or How to Be Popular

Network marketers need to learn about attraction marketing. Or, as I explain, how to be popular…

attraction marketing formulaHave you seen the Broadway musical Wicked? I’m a fan. I was listening to the soundtrack the other day and the lyrics from the song Popular really stood out. Basically, Galinda (the “Good” witch) decides to help Elphaba (the “Wicked” Witch) become popular and they sing a really cool song to go along with this scene.

When you think about Attraction Marketing your goal is to build a following of people that are interested in what you have to offer. Once your following believes that you provide value, they will learn to know, like, and trust you.

It’s almost like the attraction marketing formula is teaching you to become popular…

Attraction Marketing Formula

The attraction marketing formula acts like Galinda and helps network marketers become popular…and gives you a completely unfair advantage when it comes to prospecting and recruiting. Which is awesome!

Let me ask you this…

At some point in your life, have you ever seen a well-respected, POPULAR and successful person join a company – network marketing, MLM, direct sales company – and have instant success? Not only did they recruit a ton of people, they also sold a ton of products.

How do they do it?

They were popular! Actually, they had an unfair advantage of having a network of people that liked and respected them.

These folks were likely successful professional and have an amazingly positive reputation.

People already knew, liked, and trusted them.

“Did they have brains or knowledge? Don’t make me laugh! They were popular!” Sorry, now that song is stuck in my head.

That, being popular, is the basis of the attraction marketing formula.

I did NOT start this business with a huge following. In fact, I am incredibly introverted. I have a small tight-knit group of friends that weren’t keen on ordering my network marketing products when I first joined my company. But, I had a passion and drive to succeed. So, I did a little research and learned about attraction marketing.

The great new is that most of us don’t start out with this unfair advantage of being popular.

But imagine being able to create your own unfair advantage—even if you’re at zero right now! It’s entirely possible.

And it’s all about leveraging the attraction marketing formula.  Attraction marketing can help anyone—regardless of their background, create that unfair advantage, and become popular.

Song interlude…

When I see depressing creatures

With unprepossessing features

I remind them on their own behalf

To think of

Celebrated heads of state or

Especially great communicators

Did they have brains or knowledge?

Don’t make me laugh!

They were popular! Please, it’s all about popular

It’s not about aptitude, it’s the way you’re viewed

So it’s very shrewd to be

Very very popular like me

Attraction Marketing Formula – How?

It takes a little work in the beginning, but you must build your brand and invest in yourself. Then you must invest in your followers and help them see the value that you can offer.

I am happy to share the three phases in the attraction marketing formula to become popular…you know, create your own unfair advantage.

But before I do, here’s a dose of reality.

When most people hear us say we can “Help you rapidly expand your network marketing business,” they’re thinking that this program is a quick fix and they will see overnight success. It’s almost like they are expecting something for nothing.

If you are popular and have the unfair advantage we are talking about, you’ve paid your dues. You have invested in yourself and the people that follow you.

This is great news! When you discover a new opportunity and jump in, you’ll have a constant flow of people that will join you. Why? Because you have those connects that know, like, and trust you. Plus, they are interested in expanding their network.

If you are a nobody, like me, you can still create that kind of following online. And that means you will never run out of prospects again!

It may take six to twelve months to build enough of a following online to be able to become popular and build a six-figure network marketing business.

If you are ok with the attraction marketing formula taking a little while to ramp up, let’s get started!

I mean six months to a year, is still a heck of a lot faster than it’d take you to get to six figures holding home parties, home meetings, 1-on-1’s and all the old school stuff… right?

Attraction Marketing Formula – Three Phases

There will be two different paths and mindsets through this process – network marketing and attraction marketing. You’ll need to master both skillsets.

Network Marketing Skills: training people, building community, and developing leaders

Attraction Marketing Skills: Online skills to automate what can be automated, for anything that can’t be automated make those activities must more efficient, faster, and more leveraged.

The blending of these two skillsets is what makes attraction marketing so amazing.

But you’re not going to be a master of the attraction marketing formula in two weeks and that’s ok. What we do is have you start with “training wheels”.

Attraction Marketing Formula: Training Wheel

We’ll start by taking it one step at a time. By using the attraction marketing formula from Elite Marketing Pro, they have already created an attraction marketing online system that’s proven and tested to help you start building your network.

You can leverage what has already been created and focused on learning — and mastering — just one thing.

That one thing is in my opinion, the number one skillset in modern network marketing:

Sponsored Social Media Posts

Using sponsored social media posts (primarily on Facebook) you will learn how to attract a never-ending supply of prospects.

And once those prospects engage with your posts, the attraction marketing system converts them to leads – meaning they will have submitted their contact information, so you can follow-up.

You can reach out to them, you can e-mail them, and you can PM them on Facebook.

They gave you permission. That puts you leaps and bounds ahead of most traditional network marketers.

Starting with this one critical skill – Sponsored Posts – you start the process of rapidly building your following.

But in the beginning, this following won’t know you very well yet, so don’t expect people to be throwing money at you. Fortunately, we’ll be giving them tons of value to keep them engaged and I’ll teach you a few things you can do every day, to build rapport with them.

Plus, the cool thing is that you’re able to make money from these followers (even before they join your business) cause we’re going to be teaching them about attraction marketing on your behalf and you earn commissions if they invest in any of our courses, which puts money back in your pocket.

That helps you cover your operating costs during this initial phase, which can realistically last three to six months.

Imagine having business tools paid for… your company event tickets paid for from the beginning!

Attraction Marketing Formula: Phase 2

In Phase 1, you’ve started to build a following.

You now have results. You now have some prospects in your network. And maybe you’ve referred a few sales and earned commissions. Regardless of how many leads or new team members or sales you’ve achieved, the big win is this:

You’ve attracted people to converse and interact with you. You can honestly tell people, “Yes, I’m attracting leads every single day.”

Because it’s true.

This marks the beginning of building your brand, cause you’re getting results and naturally, you’re leads will want to know how you are doing it. That positions you as an attractive leader.

During this new phase, you start taking over piece by piece, little by little, your own attraction marketing system. That’s what we call…

Taking Over Your List (or Following)

Now the messages & value being delivered to your prospects start coming from you, not Elite Marketing Pro. You start to provide your own value to others, cause you’ve started to figure out this attraction marketing stuff and you’ll know how to help others do what you did.

You send them emails, videos, send links to your own blog posts, and share whatever other useful information you create.

That helps you build relationships with people. They get to know you. You develop a reputation for being a leader. This is called investing in your followers, so the value of that following grows.

Now, you’ll start following the 80/20 rule.

You’ll spend 80% of your time and energy delivering value

And you’ll spend 20% of your time recruiting & promoting your business

Perhaps once or twice a month, you’ll hold an online presentation and invite people to check out what you’re doing, to see how they might be able to work with you as part of your team.

At the end of the presentation, invite them to apply to work with you. Then you’ll interview and select the people that you want to work with.

That’s right, no more convincing! You are now interviewing and only working with people you like! As your following grows, the number and quality of people coming through that application process increase.

Now you’re in “unfair advantage” territory. YOU ARE POPULAR!

Now you’re only talking to the serious leads – the ones who want to work with you. Phase 2 can take 6 – 12 months to fully mature.

But that is totally freaking awesome because in the process, guess what?

You’re still earning money by offering your new prospects (those that haven’t been in your network long), some of our products and you earn commissions.

This part is key, because not only are you earning money, these buyers will become your most valuable prospects cause a) they are willing to invest in themselves and b) they will be getting trained on the attraction marketing formula, so they can be competent online business builders when they are ready to join.

Speaking of which, as a little time passes…

The number of people coming into your network marketing business will grow steadily.  But most importantly, you’re creating an asset, consisting of:

  • Your following
  • Your own e-mail & phone list
  • Your own unfair advantage through social media

As your brand grows, you enter the final phase of our Attraction Marketing Roadmap.

Attraction Marketing Formula: Phase 3

You’ll know when you transition into this phase.

It happens when you discover your skills, your brand, and your results are growing so much that you start attracting influencers – the “whales.”

Industry leaders start seeing your content, and they start following you. Ultimately, they will see the value of working with you and will reach out to connect.


Network marketing is a business built on timing.

If you’re attracting leaders, and something is “off” about their company’s financial health, management, or integrity – guess who they’ll join?

Because you’ve developed your own attraction marketing skillset, and have demonstrated results, value, and integrity, leaders will want to join you when it’s time for a change.

I’ve seen this happen many times because let’s face it – strong leaders & good people can’t control the decisions their company executives make. Often times, those decisions lead to trouble and they need to make a big move…

Let me share some of the results our community members are accomplishing in Phase 3.

Brandy S. joined us two years ago

She lived in a small town, built a small team, and over the course of her first year made about $20,000 dollars in network marketing.

Not bad, right?

But because she lived in a small town, her team dwindled.

She ran out of prospects and ended up having to drive quite a few miles to prospect, recruit, and train her team.

She was ready to quit.

Then she found us and pretty much started from zero.

With hardly any computer skills, Brandy now has…

  • 17,000+ leads on her e-mail list
  • 17,000+ followers on social media
  • Produced over 1,251 customers
  • Enrolled, using attraction marketing, 133 people into her organization
  • Sponsored three top earners into her organization – two of them six-figure earners, and one recent seven-figure earner who chose to come out of retirement to join her
  • Multiple streams of income

Brandy is now attracting whales in the industry, and every single one of those whales reached out to her, looking for a home.

She never poached or prospected them. They joined her because they saw the value in her attraction marketing skillset.

You’ll learn and grow at your own pace. It is not a race.

So now you know a bit about how we work, and why the attraction marketing formula is by far the best way to build a network marketing business, in my professional opinion.

So, if you’d like to learn more I highly recommend you sign up for my FREE Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

It’s a video course where I’ll walk you through how to build your business using the latest technology—where prospects come to you on a daily basis—interested in what you’ve got!

You can take advantage of these methods starting today—no matter how small your business is currently. This is, by far, the most efficient (and fun!) way to build your business today.

These methods continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in network marketing.

So if you’re ready to get started…

Simply click here and I’ll gladly give you access to my 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

Portions of the text taken from the blog at Elite Marketing Pro.


FREE 10-Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp

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