Check out these 9 clear skin tips for radiant skin. If you’ve made it through the teenage years and are still experience acne and breakouts, these steps will help you find the healthy, glowing skin you’ve always wanted!

My teenage years were a constant battle with acne. My dream was that once I grew past that stage I would have clear, perfect, flawless skin. Did that happen for you? Yea…me neither.

Back then I treated my acne with Proactiv – basically by using very harsh chemicals and something else that would bleach the crap out of my bathroom towels. Who knows what was in that stuff!

Turns out when we grow up and have things like mortgages, kids, and stress – our skin reflects all of that. Hormones play a huge role in our skin. But what we eat and what’s going on in our gut also plays a role, too.

Birth control pills are effective in what they are intended to do, but geez they can wreak havoc on other areas of our bodies, especially as we get a little older. Check out the side effects here. Decreased libido and eye changes, anyone? Initially birth control helped clear up my skin, but what other damage have they done since those early years?

If you are an adult looking for clear skin tips, you are in the right spot. There are so many simple ways we can take care of our skin!

Here are my first five tips for radiant skin, “Radiant Skin: 5 Unique Ways to Improve Your Skin’s Appearance.

I’m happy to share 9 more clear skin tips – some of these you may not have considered!

Clear Skin Tips #1: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Ugh, I admit I hate doing this! But, when I think about how much I use my makeup brushes, I make a point to clean them once a week. It’s easy if you schedule a weekly time to do it. Like, every Saturday morning. Just clean your makeup brushes! You’ll be so happy you did.

Here are some reasons you need to always clean your makeup brushes from Blank Canvas Cosmetics.

Acne prevention

Whenever you use your makeup brushes, they are collecting everything that is on your face — namely, oil, dead skin cells, dust, and anything else clinging to your skin. This is a recipe for disaster (or rather, acne). Every time you use a dirty brush, you are wiping this disgusting combination all over your face, clogging your pores as a result.

Better color application

Dirty makeup brushes are also ineffective for applying color precisely. With old makeup caked on your brushes, you are unable to get the look you’re going for, whether that is naturally blended contour or a dramatic eyeshadow.

Maintain soft brushes

Dirty brushes become more abrasive and dry as they become more caked with product and debris from your face. In turn, this irritates your skin. Cleaning your brushes regularly keeps them soft enough to not cause damage to your face.

Avoid germs

Dirty makeup brushes are also a breeding ground for bacteria. Not only is this terrible for your face, it also is bad for your makeup products. Transferring all this bacteria to your products taints them, and what should have lasted you a year will spoil within months.

Longer lasting brushes

When you clean your Blank Canvas makeup brushes regularly, you are preserving them. The more frequently you clean them, the longer your investment will last.

Clear Skin Tips #2: Clean Your Phone

You’ve probably heard that phones are dirtier than a toilet seat. Imagine putting a nasty toilet seat on your face when you use your cell phone! Ugh.

Imagine all the places you take your phone. My kids are constantly using my phone and everyone knows that kids equal germs. It’s easy to think about cleaning it when my phone is sticky from my kids using it, but we really need to clean our phones more often.

You should clean with caution because cell phones and moisture don’t mix. Just wiping down with a microfiber cloth is great, but doesn’t always get all the bacteria off the phone.

Here are some tips from Apple on how to clean Apple products. You can find wipes that are specifically for cleaning cell phones on Amazon or make your own mix using rubbing alcohol and water. Just proceed with caution as too much water can definitely hurt your phone.

Clear Skin Tips #3: Eat Foods For Clear Skin

I touched on this in my Radiant Skin article, but it’s worth repeating. Your skin reflects your diet! If you eat a healthy, balanced diet your skin will show it. If you eat a lot of processed foods, sugar, dairy, gluten and more common allergens like that, you’re skin and gut will reflect that as well – and not in a good way.

Your skin and body crave food that is good for you and digests easily. We teach all this through nutrition coaching in the 30-day healthy living challenge. Find out more about that here. 

A couple of quick changes to help you do that:

  • Replace your breakfast with a balanced protein shake – here is an easy recipe. Be sure to add lots of leafy greens, vegan protein, and fiber. It will keep you full and help improve your skin.
  • Fill half your plate at lunch and dinner with vegetables. You’ll get more nutrients and stay full, too. Add lean protein, healthy fats and carbs and you’ll have a perfectly well-balanced meal.

Clear Skin Tips #4: Check Your Gut Health

We know there is a brain-gut connection, but what about the gut-skin connection? If you have eaten a diet based on processed foods, fast foods, and avoid fruits and vegetables, then you may need to check your gut.

Your gut can hold 5-25 pounds of waste. Yeah, that means it’s not making it through your digestive system and just hanging around causing damage to your skin, your brain, basically your entire system.

So, clean it out! It’s easy in the 30-day healthy living jumpstart or even the 7-day body cleanse. Basically, we recommend products that are formulated to support your elimination organs and move that waste to its final destination. The toilet…

The great thing is that the Body Cleanse, Detox Tea, and Digestion Plus that we recommend are gentle. For me, it works overnight for a positive experience in the morning if you know what I’m saying.

You’ll feel a difference immediately after using these products. I hate saying ‘detox’ because that word has negative connotations, but sometimes your body needs a gut reboot.

Your skin, brain, and the entire system will appreciate the work you do for it. Plus, when you focus your diet on foods that are easier to digest, you will reduce the need for a reboot in the future.

Clear Skin Tips #5: Cleanse and Moisturize

No matter if you have oily, dry, or combination skin you need to cleanse and moisturize twice daily.

That can be hard sometimes! Especially at night, when you definitely need to focus on those two steps. At night, you need to remove the day from your face – all the oils, makeup, dirt, etc. that accumulates during the needs to be washed off.

I recommend shortening your routine rather than skipping.  It’s easy with Dissolve the Day Cleansing Clothes from Arbonne. I love these because they are eco-friendly and compostable.

Be sure to use a specific moisturizer for night time. While your sleep, your body is busy rejuvenating skin cells and replenishing anything you lost during the day. When you use a moisturizer specifically for night time, that helps your body give you the radiant, clear skin you want.

Arbonne offers a special value pack with all the skincare products you’ll need for 6 months! That includes nighttime repair cream and a specific moisturizer for day time. Sign up to be a preferred client to see the special value packs!

Clear Skin Tips #6: Shower After Working Out

While it’s important to cleanse and moisturize twice daily, it’s also especially important to shower after you work out. The sooner the better!

Take a shower not just because of body odor, but especially if you have acne-prone skin. The sweat you’ve accumulated during your workout could clog your pores with dirt and oil

If the opportunity to cleanse sweat from your skin presents itself, David E. Bank, founder of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, is on the side of washing so that your pores do not become clogged with dirt and oil.

“There is no precise time that it takes for the sweat to block the pores,” says Bank. “The sooner you can shower, the better. Showering after exercise, especially if you sweat excessively, should be as essential to your routine as your workout for several reasons. The first is your hygiene: No one wants to smell you or your workout on you! Also, if sweat builds up on your skin, it will clog your pores, not allowing your skin to breathe. And if you have a cut or skin abrasion, sweat can get trapped in there and can cause an infection.”


Clear Skin Tips #7: Find the Perfect Shower Temp

I love a good, long hot shower. But they are so bad for my skin and my hair! It turns out taking a cold shower may be bad for your skin as well.

This is what one dermatologist has to say:

To get the right temperature for clear skin, you have to play Goldilocks. “Cold water tightens the skin’s pores, which doesn’t allow the natural secretion of sebum and acne-causing bacteria,” says Neil Sadick, MD, of Sadick Dermatology. “Whereas hot water opens pores and stimulates excess sebum production that leaves it prone to further irritation.” He claims the best strategy is to use lukewarm water in the shower.


Clear Skin Tips #8: Drink More Water

This one has to be said. Drink more water! Drink half your body weight in ounces. If you focus on drinking more water during the day with a goal in mind, it’s actually easier than you think.

Your body craves water. It not only needs it to survive, but it also needs to function optimally. Find a fun water bottle that will help you meet your goals!

Check out these tips to drink more water in my “Drink More Water Challenge.”

Clear Skin Tips #9: Get More Sleep

This one isn’t easy for parents. In a recent article, I talked about if you can’t get more sleep, get better sleep! I also include some product recommendations to help you achieve that.

It’s also recommended to sleep on your back.

“When you sleep on your belly, the side of your face resting on your pillow is squished for hours at a time. By constantly squishing your face each night into your pillow, you are causing creasing which can eventually turn into wrinkles. (Notice sleep lines each morning?)

Try falling asleep on your back. If you find it hard to stay that way, put a pillow under your knees, which will help you stay in place and not roll over onto your stomach.

Can’t imagine not sleeping on your belly? Consider investing in a specially shaped pillow that allows you to sleep on your stomach while protecting your skin from wrinkles.”

Check out the sleep patch here. 

I hope these clear skin tips help you find the radiant, glowing skin you are searching for!

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