Check out these three tips to reduce stubborn belly fat! This guide will help you with 3 amazing tricks to start getting rid of that stubborn belly fat once and for all!

stubborn belly fat

Stubborn belly fat, we all have it! Are you ready to get rid of it?reduce stubborn belly fat

If you are SICK AND TIRED of having belly fat, these three tips to reduce stubborn belly fat are for you. If you are like me, I tried everything to lose stubborn belly fat including crazy workouts that only help me hurt myself rather than lose weight.

***Raise of hands. Are there any other crossfit dropouts here? I’m proud to be a crossfit dropout. I’ve found a better way that doesn’t include going through physical harm.***

Through a lot of trial, error, and research, I finally did it. I figured out the safest, fastest, and easiest ways to start losing weight. You may already be doing some things that work, but these will help it work even faster. There is ONE THING you will need – commitment! If you are committed, you can do anything! I’m here to guide you along the way.

These simple tips will help you start to reduce stubborn belly fat immediately! It’s possible to do it without exercising or crazy dieting. The trick isn’t starving yourself with the latest craze diet. It isn’t doing workouts that will leave you physically and mentally exhausted. The tips I include are the safest, scientifically proven ways to remove your stubborn belly fat.

vegan weight loss shakesBelly fat is a problem shared by most everyone unless you are a workout or diet junkie. I’m NOT, in fact, I hate dieting and I’m not a huge fan of working out.

Here’s the great thing—you don’t have to workout or diet to start losing your belly fat! It’s actually pretty easy, but you do have to do one thing—commit. When you are committed to meeting your goals, there is NOTHING stopping you!

Top 3 ways to Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat

  1. Eat better, not less! In fact, what you eat plays a much bigger part in weight loss than your exercise routine. You still need to be active, but if you depend only on exercise to lose weight, you may just be spinning your wheels.
  2. Remove or greatly reduce these foods from your diet: wheat/gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar & artificial sweeteners, alcohol, vinegar, soda, soy, and processed foods. Why? These are common allergens and your body may have an intolerance that causes your body to store these as fat when digested.
  3. Your colon could be holding 5—25 pounds of waste: Move that junk out! Cleaning your digestive tract is the key to energy and weight management. Our overall health depends on our digestive tract.

An added benefit of losing your belly fat? You’ll have less stress and more energy. You may actually WANT to start working out! There will be nothing stopping you!

Wait – Is this is a diet? 

Not at all! In fact, my overall health effort for myself and my family is to eat more veggies and fruits. Check the article here to see how we are doing it, “7 Simple Ways to Add More Fruits and Veggies to Your Diet.

You can exercise as much or as little as you would like, but I recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. 

Also, plan to eat every 3-4 hours as you get hungry. I drink a protein smoothie in the morning, a healthy lunch packed with veggies, a 3 PM snack, and a healthy dinner. The, I try to stop eating by 7 PM or 3 hours before I go to bed. That helps with digestion….and overeating. 

But, what if I get hungry? 

This is my best healthy living tip – smart coffee! I add a scoop to my morning protein shake and it actually helps me curb cravings ALL DAY!

It also helps enhance my mood, focus, and energy. This stuff is seriously amazing. I’m very sensitive to too much caffeine, so be assured I have never gotten a jittery feeling. It’s been the opposite for me, I feel calmer when I drink smart coffee. 

But, if you really don’t like coffee, you can get all the same side effects of smart coffee with Choclevate. Use it to make hot chocolate or add it to your protein shake. Here are several great recipes to try out! 

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reduce stubborn belly fat

About the Author

My name is Crystal Nichols and I’m so glad you are here.

I am a mom with two kids and have struggled for years to lose the baby weight. Not only could I not lose weight, but the stress of my life was also causing me to constantly gain weight. I was stressed, had zero energy, and struggled to keep up with all the pressures of life.

Moms – I knew I wasn’t alone. As you know, mom life is tough! I learned the hard way that I have to make my health a priority. Besides, you can’t pour from an empty cup!

I started to put my health first, starting with my diet. I had too many failed attempts at exercising that I didn’t even focus on that.

I learned how to take care of myself, starting with my digestive tract. When I did that, my overall health improved including my skin! Imagine reducing your wrinkles just by eating better.

I finally cracked the code of how to take care of myself and now I’m sharing my plan with other moms.

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