If you want to know how to make smart coffee, you are in the right spot! Jump into the video below and take a look at how easy it is to make your own personalized smart coffee for your taste. 

Smart Coffee Options

Pick your favorite functional beverage! All three of these options contain nootropics, which has so many benefits. Nootropics will help you curb cravings, increase memory and focus, and elevate three out of four of your happiness hormones.

The first step is to pick your favorite functional beverage option.

Elevate Smart Coffee

best weight loss coffeeThis is where it all began!

Enjoy a thousand smiles in your cup with our delicious, micro-ground coffee.

Elevate Smart Coffee is a great tasting micro-ground, functional coffee that contains a proprietary blend of Nootropic ingredients. Nootropics are all-natural amino acids, choline, and fat burners typically found in protein-rich foods but not always easy to get from diet alone. Nootropics are designed to assist with mental clarity, memory, and energy. 

Check out the smart coffee review here. 

Nitro Brew

benefits of nootropicsNeed some extra nitric oxide?

Bold, aromatic coffee with the extra benefit of antioxidants that boosts happiness.

This 100% Colombian Arabica coffee blooms with a bold, aromatic body. Using clinically proven naturally extracted polyphenols, Elevate NITRO promotes powerful natural nitric oxide production with extreme antioxidant capability. Each cup of Elevate NITRO uses clinically proven polyphenols that help generate efficient blood flow, boosts nutrient and oxygen delivery, naturally improves fatigue levels and performance, and increases energy and endurance levels.

Find out more about Nitro Brew and nitric oxide here. 


decaf coffee altnerativesChoclevate is a nootropic-infused hot chocolate. Enjoy the creamy taste and be happy.

Happiness and chocolate usually go hand-in-hand. Choclevate is a delicious Nootropic Hot Chocolate beverage designed to assist in the elevation of mood, mental focus and energy. Nootropics are recognized for supporting cognitive function, memory, creativity and even motivation in healthy individuals.  If you’re a chocolate lover, this one’s for you!

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Add in XanthoMax for Elevated Happiness

The reason I prefer Elevate smart coffee over an other type is a supplement called XanthoMax. Xanthomax makes a huge difference!

Start your day happy with XanthoMax and one of our functional beverages. XanthoMax boosts the oxytocin “happiness” hormone.

XanthoMax is an encapsulated wellness supplement designed to deliver Xanthohumol, a powerful antioxidant that helps promote the hormone, oxytocin. XanthoMax is a Xanthohumol based nutraceutical that is derived from Hops flowers—most likely the same plant used to flavor your favorite beer! XanthoMax uses liposomal technology to protect the nutrients from being destroyed in your stomach and delivers our proprietary blend directly to your cells.

Combine Xanthomax with your Elevate Functional Beverage to complete your D.O.S.E. Duo.

Using liposomal technology, XanthoMax is delivered directly to your cells by adding protection to the nutrients so they aren’t broken down in your stomach.

How to Make Smart Coffee

how to make smart coffeeSmart coffee is an instant coffee. All you have to do is add 4-6 oz. hot water to smart coffee. Then you can add anything you like – cream, sugar, etc. It’s completely up to you! If you need some more recipe ideas, check out these instant coffee recipes. 

It’s best to pick the option that works for you and then figure out what you like best. Some people add it to their regular cup of coffee, or go to Starbucks and add it.

Sometimes I toss a scoop in my protein shake when I don’t have time to enjoy my favorite cup of coffee. you’ll still get all the amazing benefits of nootropics.


Grab your favorite coffee cup, add smart coffee, and then add 4-6 oz. hot water. Add sugar and cream or whatever ingredient you would like. And enjoy!

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