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Have you heard of the latest NEW smart coffee? It’s called Nitro Brew and it helps promote nitric oxide in your body. Check out my Nitro coffee review!

Nitro Coffee Review

nitro coffee reviewWhen Elevacity announced their newest blend to the smart coffee line, I had to try it!

I am already in love with regular ole’ smart coffee, so I was positive I would love their new Nitro blend. But, what is it all about? First of all the new Nitro coffee blend helps promote the production of nitric oxide in your system. Keep reading to learn about nitro coffee and my nitro coffee review. 

Here are just some of the benefits, you’ll get from Nitric Oxide:

  • Generate efficient blood flow
  • Boost nutrition and oxygen delivery in the cells
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Increase energy and endurance levels
  • Protect against free-radical damage
  • Support Vasodilation
  • Manage weight
  • Enhance overall mood

Read more in my original post, “Boost Your Workouts [and More 😉] with Nitro Brew Coffee.”

What’s the Difference?

So, what is the difference between Nitro and regular Elevate Smart Coffee?  Keep in mind that Nitro contains all the benefits of smart coffee, plus more.

Here are some notes from a recent company webinar:

Nitro includes performance enhancing Nitric oxide which comes from nutrients, the body produces nitric oxide thru the utilization of Oxygen. Nitric Oxide helps to keep our veins from collapsing, keeps vasodilation in place and works for the utilization of oxygen and it works for the removal of toxins and it promotes energy at the cellular level in the mitochondria and ATP the powerhouses, the batteries, the energy factory within our cells.

The Body uses & requires Nitric Oxide and so we create it but we are often deficient in Nitric Oxide.

As we age our Oxygen utilization depresses and the older that we get the more stress & endurance that we encounter we may need to increase our nitric oxide levels to support that new level of activity or that new decline resulting in aging, so these performance enhancing nitric oxide nutrients promote
vasodilation and vasodilation comes from veins and our cardiovascular system.

Example: If we were to imagine that we have poor oxygen delivery and fatigue and stress and aging, our veins will get smaller and smaller and smaller, nitric oxide increased oxygen saturation helps promote an expansion or dilation in those veins like a garden hose in the backyard.

If you have a small hose you have a small amount of water/nutrients going to feed the garden but if you have a large hose you can flood the garden with water/nutrients to feed the garden.

In biology in our body that hose is our blood supply, our nutrient supply, our oxygen capabilities, keeping our entire garden of life at a cellular level motivated, accelerated, an activated so nutrients and oxygen delivery to the cells are promoted through vasodilation like a big garden hose and this is going to help to reduce fatigue.

If you are drained all the time and you don’t have energy all the time, just imagine if you hold your breath all the time you’re going to get fatigued you’re going to get dizzy you’re going to have a lack of oxygen & oxygen saturation so by increasing vasodilation you’re going to increase oxygen circulation and therefore utilization, we are going to increase energy and endurance levels by additional nitric oxide contributions from nutrition, energy and endurance.

Endurance levels is how much energy we have to do something whether it’s walking or working or working out or doing fitness or sports
anything in our lifestyle we want to have more energy and endurance.

Elevate Nitro

The new elevate nitro promotes powerful natural Nitric oxide production with extreme antioxidant capability. There’s a lot of other vasodilators or nitric boosters out there in the sports nutrition marketplace and they are OK for athletes that are really at a high nutritional level but what happens with a lot of those nitric promoters they lack any antioxidant partnership so you’re going to have oxidative reactions, you are going to have a breakdown in cellular integrity.

Just because you get a whole bunch of oxygen to a fire if it doesn’t have a screen on it that dust/carbon burn-off is going to get all over the furniture and that is going to damage that environment.

With that said, the antioxidant through this process is real Key to making a difference that our nitric boosting compounds in elevate nitro is really a lot different than typical things you see in the sports marketplace. Nitric oxide relaxes and broadens the blood vessel through vasodilation in microcirculation. Instead of the vessels being really tight and tense they are going to be relaxed, it’s going to be easier for everything to flow and you’re going to get less build up of plaques and other things that lead to strokes and other conditions.

When these blood vessels through vasodilation increase you get microcirculation. Microcirculation is something that if you can imagine all of the millions of tiny tiny capillaries that you have in your face and your skin and throughout your body you want those to breathe to get oxygen to bring nutrition because we don’t want to look like were aging.

So this generates efficient blood flow boosts oxygen and nutrients delivery and utilization in the cells, and the skin is full of cells, and naturally improves Fatigue levels and endurance performance, increasing the energy and endurance levels.

How to Drink Nitro Coffee

The Nitro adds an additional set of cofactors for wellness and health. Some people are using the original brew and having a wonderful results which is great because it is a great product. If you are older, doing exercise, wellness programs, experiencing fatigue even when using the original brew than the vasodilation partner in the nitro might be the one for you.

Many people bounce back-and-forth between each one maybe on the weekends they try the nitro and then they do the original during the week.
If you’re looking for extra support of antioxidant protection added to vasodilation in circulation because you’re over active or in sports the nitro might be a better choice for you, both choices are effective and wellness is achieved.


As you can tell from the video above, I liked the coffee immediately. The taste is smoother and you can immediately start feeling the benefits. After my initial nitro coffee review, I’ve decided to mix Nitro brew and the regular smart coffee. It’s a little bit lighter taste overall and it truly helps enhance all the amazing smart coffee benefits. 


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