Here is your step by step guide to building your personal brand and business online!

Your brand is you, and your name is your personal brand.

personal brandOne thing I have learned during my time as a network marketer is that the company you are with may change.

Rule #1 of building your business online is to never mention your company’s name or product on your personal profile or in social media posts. (I know this sounds crazy, you’ll learn more about the WHY in the attraction marketing formula.)

You may have a disagreement with the marketing tactics of the direct sales company you are with, you may be introduced to a new opportunity that you feel is a better fit for you, you never know what will happen.

This is why you should work on building YOUR personal brand rather than promoting the brand of the network marketing company you currently work with.

Are you going against your company policy?

Does your company have rules against advertising? This is a huge reason to build YOUR personal brand instead of promoting the company name. I found this out the hard way when I first started. I blasted the company name everywhere only to learn that there are many, many rules when using someone else’s brand.  This makes sense for you AND for your network marketing company – you BOTH want to protect your brand.

Build your personal brand with YOUR NAME as the brand and your company can’t say anything one way or another about what you put on your page.

Create your personal brand, provide value, and your audience will start to know, like, and trust you – and follow you no matter what!

Here is the step by step guide to building your personal brand and business online:

1. Answer this question first: What problem are you going to solve?

Once you have answered this question, you can easily create your personal brand. Your goal from this point on is to become an expert in the field of the problem you solve. You want people to know you as the go-to guru for all things regarding your industry.

Based on the products you sell, you could be a health and wellness expert, you could be a fashion guru, you could even be a network marketing coach!

Now, if something happens and you decide to start promoting a new company or even add a new line, it’s not a big deal! People know you, like you, and trust you. The goal is that you have created so much value that your followers will follow you to any company, buy whatever you sell, and want to be on your team. They like YOU and not just the network marketing company.

2. Create your brand using social media

Which social media platform should you use? Pick one main platform and a couple of additional. You can’t fully focus on all social media platforms, it just isn’t possible!

  • Facebook has 1.47 billion active daily users
  • YouTube has 1 billion active monthly users
  • Instagram has 600 million monthly users
  • Twitter has 313 million monthly users
  • Pinterest has 150 million monthly users
  • LinkedIn has 106 million monthly users

I recommend starting with Facebook since it is so easy to create a business page and use their advertising platform to target your intended audience. Many team members of mine ask the question — Do I need really need a Facebook business page?

Yes! Here are several reasons why…

Facebook limits the number of friends you can have at 5,000. So, you are limited in the number of friends you can have on your personal profile. On a Facebook fan or business page, you are allowed an unlimited number of fans. Plus, you can’t advertise from your personal Facebook page! But, with a Facebook business page, advertising is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Not sure about you, but I am building an outrageously thriving business, so I need over 5,000 followers! So, go ahead and create your Facebook business page with your name and Public Figure as the settings.

I will go into this on a later post, but the steps to create a thriving business online are:

  1. Build your brand
  2. Attract your ideal customers
  3. Provide Value
  4. Sell products or services/Recruit these folks to your business

It seems so easy! It’s a bit of a process and takes some time, but it is worth it! As with everything, consistency is key.

Now that you have selected your social media preference, start creating value! Post 2-3 times a day consistently and your followers will start noticing how awesome you are. If they love the content you provide, they will love you!

As I discussed before, you may not feel like an expert, but there may be someone two steps behind you. You can help them get further by providing what you have learned. They will follow you forever. I know, because I have mentors that I will follow for life! Read more about this in “Brand Me: You Need a Personal Brand. Here’s Why.”

3. Logo, Website, Landing Pages, Pop-ups, and More

You DO NOT have to be a techie, graphic designer, or web designer to accomplish this step. There are many free, easy to use, and low-cost resources out there.

Fiverr– Get your logo created for $5.

You do not have to have a fancy logo but if you would like one they are so easy to do. Just go to, search for logo design. You can browse the logo styles available like handwritten, icon, signature, and so much more.

I recommend using a “top-rated seller” on Fiverr so you are guaranteed a great experience.

Feel free to use my affiliate link:

Canva – Graphic design – Use this to create cover photos for social media, blog graphics, literally any graphic you need. Canva is free and so simple to use. This is my go-to for all my graphics! I also use and if I ever need a free photo and I can’t find one on Canva. – Find your Website URL

If you want to rapidly grow your business, you need a website. Check out and search for your first name and last name to see if that URL is available.

I have used many website companies and is the easiest to use. They don’t add a lot of different things to try and confuse you. This is a very straightforward way to grab your URL.

Unfortunately for me, wasn’t available so I went with the closest option. If your name isn’t available, you can try to see if your niche is available. Something like or You can get creative, just make sure it is short and easy to remember.

Elite Marketing Pro Annual Members – Hosting

Have you checked out the Attraction Marketing Formula? Well, the company behind this amazing training, Elite Marketing Pro, makes it so easy for non-techie marketers to create a top-notch website. They give you the hosting, website theme, landing pages, pop-ups, and everything for you. And they walk you through how to set it all up. As an annual member, you receive a website address, but it is a sub-site and not really your own. I recommend getting your own domain and if you sign up as an annual Elite Marketing Pro member, you can map your domain to their awesome service.

They have tons of training and support to walk you through this as well. When you sign up, you can have your website ready to go in just a few steps. It’s as easy as plugging in a few items like your about me section and your website is done for you.

If you use this service, you will be using Thrive Themes, which I use and highly recommend. The fee for Elite Marketing Pro Annual is a great offer because it includes the option to use Thrive Themes. With this tool, you can create pop-ups that will help people opt-in to your irresistible offer (see #5 below). It will help you create landing pages. Thrive Themes gives your potential customers a better experience because it is so pretty and simple. I love it! There are many other options when it comes to building landing pages, but Thrive Themes is definitely the best value.


When you register your domain, make sure you sign up for a private email service. How many businesses do you know that use or as their email provider? Not many successful ones. You can forward your business mail to Gmail to make it easier to check. Having a professional email with your domain will make you look a million times more professional than the next guy.

4. Email Marketing Service

This is important! I understand that you are going to actively set up social media profiles for your brand. But, what if those social media sites disappear? I know that seems far-fetched. But, sending a weekly email newsletter is an amazing way to stay in touch with your audience and ensure your brand recognition.

So, let’s set up an email marketing service, so you can start collecting customer and potential customers email addresses.

My favorite is Aweber, (Check it out here) because it is the best system out there. It is easy to use, and the deliverability rates surpass any other provider out there. There is a fee to use this service, even if your list is small. MailChimp is free until you get to a certain number of subscribers, but the free service has some limitations.

5. Irresistible Offer

This one is fun! Your goal is to attract your target audience to your email list. So, what advice do you have for your audience? What is something that will create curiosity and make it irresistible for them to refuse? All they must do is exchange their email address to get the info.

Here are some examples:

Healthy is the New Happy: A Wellness Guide

Plant-Based Diet for Beginners

Attraction Marketing Formula

You’ll start moving people from social media to your website and then to your email list. Once you start sending weekly newsletters, they will start getting to know and expecting to hear from you. That’s why you start subtly promoting products, service, or the opportunity to join your team.

This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. This is a way to build a real business with lots and lots of amazing, loyal customers. Start your brand today and you’ll create a base of customers that love you!

If you really want to get into more details about digital marketing, consider taking a free course called the CLICK Technique. One-Click Lindsay is one of the best digital marketers out there. Take the free course here:

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