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Adopting a healthier lifestyle for you and your family can be easy to talk about but difficult to get started without a PLAN.

The Healthy Living Jumpstart is simple to follow and therefore, simple to complete. We have a community of support, materials and a personal coach to ensure your success. Our goal is to have you feeling great in 30 days or less! Ready to get started?

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Eating Clean

This plan focuses on eating organic whole foods free of preservatives, additives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors and all other toxins and increasing nutrient intake.

4) AVOID GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)

Increasing Your Nutrient Intake

Due to the overabundance of pre-packaged and fast food, many people today are overweight yet malnourished. They carry toxic fat while their bodies are starving for real nutrition. Eating whole foods, drinking water and supplementing with nutrients to fill in possible deficiencies created by mineral deficient farm soils can reverse this condition.

With Healthy Living we are fueling our bodies with CLEAN WHOLE FOODS that help to reduce the overload on our system, we want to make sure that we are actually ABSORBING these nutrients and SUPPLEMENTING where needed. One way we do this is through the targeted and intentional Arbonne Essentials Nutrition support aligned with this program. Take a look at the products and their ingredients to understand how we’re increasing our nutrient density with these supplements.

Eliminate Allergenic and Addictive Foods and Beverages

Allergies and sensitivities have increased radically in our lifetime — acute and chronic allergies and intolerances are all up — so much so that by some estimates over 60 million Americans now suffer from allergies, and millions more from sensitivities. This program helps you to identify what triggers your body and interferes with you looking and feeling your best.

It usually holds true that the things you struggle with giving up the most are the things causing you the most trouble. Our goal is to help you get your vices under control. We want you to regain the power in your daily “food relationship”. It can seem challenging but the allergenic, addictive, and/or inflammatory foods within your body actually work AGAINST what we are aiming to achieve in these 30 Days and for long-term optimal health.

The great thing is that even with this elimination list there is still A LOT of great foods that we keep in and enjoy throughout the program. Our recommended recipes prove it, and watch this space for more about what we’re enjoying abundantly and in balance at every meal!

Balance Blood Sugar

We Balance Blood Sugars with what we eat and when we eat. We eat alkaline foods that are moderate to low on the glycemic load.

Knowing how to maintain balanced blood sugar is one of the biggest keys to unlocking better health, all around. You will naturally increase your metabolism, ward off unhealthy cravings, and have more energy throughout the day. With consistently even blood-glucose levels, you’ll have better concentration and memory, and generally feel better. Most importantly, having healthy blood sugar is one of the best ways to lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

To learn more about the difference between glycemic load and glycemic index, watch this video:

Blood Sugar Balancing TIPS to remember:
> Eat every 4-5 hours each day
> Avoid skipping meals
> Include fiber in every meal
> Eat hormonally balanced meals

Support Your Elimination Organs

Why detoxify and how does it help you?

We wouldn’t think about going a day without brushing our teeth, let alone years and years. Because we can’t see our liver, kidneys, and intestines we forget the important role they play in detoxification. The liver has over 500 functions and the kidneys filter 200 quarts of blood per day. You can hold 5-25 lbs. of waste in your large intestine (colon). All elimination organs need a “tune-up” and proper maintenance. The Healthy Living program supports the natural detoxification and cleansing properties of our bodies.

Our bodies are designed to detoxify and cleanse themselves. We have 7 different pathways to achieve this: liver, lungs, lymphatic system, blood, skin, colon, and kidneys. When these areas are clogged, our bodies don’t work as efficiently as they are designed to do. Decreasing the external and internal toxins over the next 30 days will decrease inflammation and increase your overall HEALTH!

We want to ELIMINATE these toxins by using whole organic foods, and supporting products such as FIBER, DIGESTION PLUS, DETOX TEA and the 7-DAY CLEANSE. It’s time to CLEAN the DRAIN!!

10 Steps to Success

Eliminate the following 9 things: wheat/gluten, processed foods, dairy, yeast, sugar & artificial sweeteners, alcohol, vinegar, caffeine/soda, soy.

Get to 7-8 hrs of solid sleep to help the detoxification process. Your body will go into stress-mode if you don't get enough sleep & that means you'll store more toxins = weight gain.

ALWAYS eat in the proper proportions: 1/2 or more non-starchy veggies, 1/4 lean protein, 1/8 good fat, 1/8 low glycemic carbs (you need to eat EVERY meal in these proportions to make the hormonal balance work - don't skip fat and carbs even when your meal is a shake). Eat slowly, thoughtfully, don't over eat.

Replace any meal with a shake for convenience. Make it a full meal; include Protein Powder, Fiber Booster (1/2 to 1 scoop), a healthy fat (nuts, unsweetened coconut, flax, nut butter) & always add greens such spinach, kale, or powdered greens. Include a healthy carb or green salad in addition to your shake if you feel hungry on the shake alone. Watch the carbs past 2 PM if you have a weight loss goal.

Know your body & how you feel. Make the SHIFT towards living a total health & wellness lifestyle!

Don't eat after 7 PM; or 3 hours before bedtime. You want your food to be digested before your head hits the pillow as not to disrupt your sleep with the digestion process (you can drink a 1/2 cup almond milk with fiber if you're hungry after 7 PM).

No eating between meals - meals are every four hours (do not go longer than 6 hours or you will put your body into "store" mode.) You can drink water, Fizz Sticks, herbal tea, green tea, alkaline broth all day

Water Water Water – to flush out toxins. ½ your body weight in ounces is the minimum. Detox Tea 1 hour before bed to help your kidneys/liver detox & you'll sleep so much better!

Celebrate the little victories and the little changes you're making will amount to BIG changes later! Remember: it takes 21 days to stop bad habits and 28-30 days to reinforce new healthier habits.

Drink a recovery shake within 1/2 hour after any vigorous workout (include extra carbs like 1/2 banana or 1/4 cup of berries, pineapple, peaches, cherries – higher glycemic fruit is okay after a workout only).

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