Congratulations! If you are searching for small business ideas for women that means you might be looking to start a home-based business in 2019. Read my thoughts about best practices when you join a network marketing business.

Earlier this year in 2018, I started looking for small business ideas for women. I knew I wanted to do something, but I just didn’t know what. I made some decisions to get started and I haven’t looked back once!

I discovered that I was passionate about certain products, took a look at the compensation plans, and moved forward full speed ahead. But here’s the thing, I wanted to take everything I’ve learned in digital marketing and apply it my business. I knew I wasn’t interested in doing home parties and other old-school network marketing tactics. Now, I’m building two teams of amazing leaders. The trick is that i have strict criteria when I add a team member. I’ll tell you all about it, just keep reading.

If you are looking for small business ideas for women and want to join a network marketing business, please consider looking past the traditional ways that network marketers have gone to market in the past. Old school home parties and even online facebook parties don’t really work anymore. I can help discover some new ways to help you find an audience of potential customers.

Small business ideas for women: Why Network Marketing companies get a bad rap

We’ve all been there, a friend, family member, or neighbor contacts you through Facebook and wants to tell you about this new business opportunity that you should consider.

Then, everything they talk about is all about products and why you should join their team. You know, amazingly enough that has actually worked for some people. It used to work really well. Not today, though. People are turned off by networking marketers. When someone signs up to be a consultant for a network marketing company they are told that everyone they know and touch should be buying their products. That is just so wrong!

Keep reading to learn about attraction marketing and why network marketers need to adjust their marketing strategy.

Network Marketing Distribution Model

If the company is using a direct sales distribution model, that means that the product is shipped directly from the manufacturer to you. Pretty awesome right?

On the other hand, when you buy a product off the shelf, the product has been made, shipped to a distribution center, waited to be sent to a store near you, shipped, stocked and sat on the shelf waiting for you to purchase it. How old is that skin cream you just bought at Target? The products you receive from a network marketing company are typically very fresh.

Network marketing companies depend on independent consultants to market their products for them. That means that very little money is spent on marketing and public relations so more money can be spent on research and development. That is why most direct sales and network marketing companies have higher quality ingredients than what you see in chain stores.

Network marketers need to learn about Attraction Marketing

If you are on reddit take a look at the subreddit, r/antimlm. But don’t stay there too long, it gets pretty ugly. The problem is that tactics that new consultants use to announce their business are old school and then people off.

New consultants are told to think of their 100 closest friends and family members that they would like on their team, and then talk to them about the opportunity or ask them to host a party. Then, at the party with 10 of their friends, they try to get someone else to host a party and the cycle continues on and on.

The problem is that in today’s world, people are over home parties! If you’ve attended one, you’ve probably bought something you didn’t really want just to support the friend hosting the party.

Most people will buy something in the $20-$30 range at home parties just to be a good friend and be a nice person.

So, that new consultant has sold to some products to their close friends who are already kind of annoyed that they had to buy something. There’s a chance that someone likes the products enough to sign up to sell. This is the traditional way that network marketing businesses have worked in the past. Unfortunately, the problem is that the consultant will eventually run out of friends to purchase their products and will likely quit the business within the first 6 months to a year.

That is why you see stats like 95% of people in network marketing fail. It’s because people are targeting the wrong type of people to sell their network marketing products.

I advise everyone on my team and everyone searching for small business ideas for women to learn about Attraction Marketing. In fact, there is a free 10-day course available here. 

Small business ideas for women: Read this before you consider joining a Network Marketing business

If you’ve read this far, you understand that I am a fan of the direct sales/network marketing industry.

Let me explain. I worked in the corporate world over 20 years. After having kids, my “career” seemed so much less important and I was searching for a way that I could spend more time at home and replace my income. So, I was introduced to Smart Coffee.

Then, something else happened. I started dreaming. What if i could also retire my husband early? That would be crazy!

This was around the time I was meeting with our financial planner for retirement. He mentioned that we have about 23 years left on our mortgage. That means that if our income stays approximately the same, I’ll be 63 when we pay off our house. So, I’ll get two whole years of working without worry about a mortgage.

This seriously made me pause.

I’m going to spend my entire working life paying off a house.

That is NOT the goal I set for myself when I started out in the corporate world. The reason I love network marketing is that you have a potential for unlimited income. Yes, some fail. Yes, you will have to sacrifice and work hard. But, it’s possible to achieve greatness. Many have done it!

Small business ideas for women: It is possible to be successful in network marketing

I absolutely think that you should start a home-based business by selling network marketing products.small business ideas for women

But, I would like for you to consider going a different way when you plan your go to market strategy for your business.

That is key! Look at your network marketing business as an actual business. If you started a computer software company, would you make your mom, sister, and best friend by software from you?

No! You would research the market and find the perfect target customers and then try to reach them however you can. You would focus your marketing on the problem that your product solves.

Small business ideas for women: Does your product solve a problem?

Yes, of course your product solves a problem. The trick is to define the problems and find the people that need a solution to that problem.

Take notice of advertisements that stand out to you. Do they focus on the attributes of the product or how the product will help you solve a problem?

For example, can I interest you in something called smart coffee that contains nootropics? Or does this work better – Do you have brain fog? I do! and I think most busy moms do as well! Then, I have an awesome product for you called smart coffee. Let’s chat about it – I’ll send you some samples and let me know what you think!

Another example uses something called a curiosity post: I can’t believe I’ve lost 2 pounds just by drinking coffee!

The qualities I look for in team members

Here’s the information I promised earlier. I have a few different requirements in team members.

The first and most important asset is to have a strong passion about the products. Sometimes people sign up as a consultant for the discount and that is perfectly okay. You never know, one day you may share your love for the products and find a desire to really start building a business.

The second asset is someone that makes a commitment to starting a business. If you are willing to incorporate non-traditional marketing methods (blogging, creating youtube channel, even just using social media to talk about the problems you can help solve.) to your marketing strategy, you are someone I want on my team. This is a long-term strategy and many team members use those traditional marketing tactics to get their business started off with a bang.

The third asset is either knowing if you are an influencer or an introvert.

The “know, like, trust” factor – If you have a large following of friends on social media, you could quickly and easily make a big impact in a network marketing business. For example if you post on Facebook about a certain restaurant they enjoyed and several people comment that they’ll also try the restaurant soon – you should consider yourself an influencer.

I’m NOT one of those people! I’m an introvert who would rather do anything than host a home party for a network marketing business. But, I’m willing to work and use the power of the internet to find the perfect customer and perfect team members. Both types of people – introverts and influencers – can be hugely successful!

No matter if you’re an influencer or an introvert, you can easily build a network marketing business. That’s because the Internet and all the social media platforms offers a huge opportunity for everyone.

Small business ideas for women: Use the power of the internet

The old-school, traditional ways of building a network marketing business include doing home parties. So, you may reach 10 – 20 people a week if you’re lucky. By building a network marketing business online, you’ll target your perfect audience across the world. You have the potential to reach hundreds, thousands, even millions.

You may think you can’t start a website, but you can. There are so many websites that make it easy for you. Learn about search engine optimization so people can find you easily.

Don’t want to build a website? Start a YouTube channel. YouTube is it’s own search engine. Did you know that people are earning a full-time income just by making YouTube videos? Obviously, there is more to it than that. But, once you open your mind to the power of YouTube, you could do BIG things.

I’m not a fan of Facebook for small businesses, but think about Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest is another search engine that could open huge opportunities for you!

I’m just so excited about the power of the internet! I work with every team member to help build a strategy. You just need to get started!small business ideas for women

Do you know anyone that sells essential oils? I know many. You know the most successful ones? The ones that help people with recipes that will help their kid’s cough, or sleep better at night. I want to know how I can prevent head lice! That is helping me solve a problem.

Small business ideas for women: Smart Coffee

Do you think a cup of coffee could change  the world? Well, smart coffee has changed mine! I am sharing my love for this amazing stuff while building a business and helping other build their businesses. The fact is that each company offers the highest quality products and they are unique from anything else you’ll find on the market.

Smart coffee elevates your happiness hormones.

I’m passionate about helping women feel like themselves again, especially after having kids. And if I can help you build a business, even better!

If you have a nagging dread on Sunday nights and want to do anything but go to work on Monday morning, it may be time to start a network marketing business. If you are ready and willing to put the work in today for freedom tomorrow, you’ve got what it takes! Just get started!

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