Not happy? It’s not your fault! According to research, happiness boils down to two important things – hormones and your level of social apt. Here’s a little more about the number one reason that you are not happy!

not happyHORMONES!

Not Happy? Blame your hormones!

Hormones… they certainly don’t get much respect at times.

What do they have to do with happiness? Hormones play a significant role in the feeling of happiness. It’s important to learn about what factors they play in this area and what we can do to capitalize on them.

I learned about the impact of hormones on my happiness after suffering from post-partem depression after having
my first child.

Did you know that we have happiness hormones? Your body produces Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins that help with your overall mood and wellbeing.

But life events, our crazy schedules and diets, and so much more disrupt the neurochemicals’ balance in our bodies. It’s possible to get those happiness hormones firing on all cylinders with something called nootropics.


This is an excerpt  from the eBook, “Being Happy: A Guideline to the Science and Art of Happiness” that we discuss in the 10-day Happiness Challenge.

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  • How YOU may be limiting your own Happiness and how to change it

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But what can you do about your hormones? And how do they affect your happiness?

Well, life in general affects your happiness hormones. Most of the hormones begin in your gut, so you need to ensure that you have proper gut health. Not sure how to do that?

Not Happy? Try Nootropics!

I found a supplement that has helped me maintain a positive mood throughout the craziness of my life. I loved it so much that I became a consultant. Please don’t be turned away from this; this supplement has helped so many people and has amazing side effects.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are also known as smart drugs which are known to improve the overall health and functioning of your brain. The word nootropic is an amalgamation of two words- neo which means mind in Greek and trope, meaning change in French.

As is evident by the literary meaning of the word, nootropics aim to improve the functioning of your brain and its health. It leads to improvement in the cognitive abilities, concentrating power, and other aspects pertaining to the functioning of your brain.

Nootropics can Help Improve your Mood

The ability of your brain to concentrate effectively and for longer periods slows considerably due to poor brain health. However, brain aging is not the only reason for poor concentration as many young people also suffer from it.

One of the most significant properties of nootropics is its ability to improve memory and brain functioning. Nootropics have been scientifically proven to enhance the memory of its users for a long time now. Most of us experience situations wherein we read a document or subject and then are unable to recall it later due to poor memory and brain functioning. Taking nootropics can help to address this problem and lead to better recall and improvement in both short-term and long-term memory.

Consuming nootropics can lead to regeneration of brain cell growth and neuro connectors which are very important for memory and recall.


Get Your Happiness Hormones back!

Start D.O.S.E. today and begin elevating your happiness hormones – Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins.

not happy


All you have to do is pick a functional beverage:

  1. Smart Coffee (a delicious columbian roast)
  2. Nitro (a powerful option that helps your body promote nitrous oxide.)
  3. Choclevate (decaf option! do you like hot chocolate?!)

Then add Xanthomax.

With these powerful supplements, you’ll be elevating your happiness hormones in no time.

Not Happy? Check Out These Testimonials!

Check out these amazing testimonials! The side effects vary from person to person:

“I fight my dark demon, my depression all day every day for the last few years! It had gotten so bad that I stayed in bed. I was a binge eater. Did NOT go out. Never walked. Didn’t connect with ANYONE! When I lost my twins 2 years ago, I spiralled deeper into my depression. And even more so losing my Mom 7 months ago! With persistence & faith, a beautiful soul, Dallas took a chance on me. I received the most beautiful tub of coffee in the mail. A week later, a bottle of capsules! Today, I am walking over and above 5-10k A DAY! I am awake when babes up for school & stay up (used to go back to bed to sleep til 2). I still snack, but they’re healthy choices. I drink about 8-12 litres of water a day. I used to live on 2-4 rockstars and a 2L of pop – A DAY! I am connecting with my girl more and more. I AM SMILING AGAIN! I’m not saying it was an overnight change but it was. I am only a little over a week in! Want to know the most horrid side effect of this coffee? It’s ENERGY with a side of possible weight loss… This coffee is doing what my toxic, prescribed drugs are supposed to do! Activating my happy brain cells! Depression, anxiety & immobility can take a hike! No lies! This sh*t is amazing! I am living proof that this works! I feel that for the first (legit first time) I know what it’s like to be happy!

My only regret: waiting so long to start!”

– Stacey

“Since the age of 22 after my 1st son the doctor diagnosed me with anxiety and depression (chemical imbalance) so these things just became a part of my everyday life! ☹️ Even with medication the days sometimes were hard to bare. Feelings of loneliness, unhappiness, exhaustion, and suicide consumed me on a a regular basis 😑
…..It was 10/5 when I realized that this was no longer my life after being on this HAPPY drink for almost one month 😍😍😍 I had forgotten to take my anxiety & depression medicine for 2 weeks. I had run out and never refilled it.
😇 But, here I was happier, felt better, less stressed, and anxiety and depression was gone 😮 I went to my doctor, he took me off my medicine and here I am still free from my past life that I thought would never change!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
….So now I’m 39! Free of medicine, down 40 pounds, no more daily headaches, RLS gone, less aches and pains, and haven’t felt this happy or this great in YEARS🤗😱🥰”


“2 months of elevate and xanthomax results :

July 17,2019 I weighed in at 143.3. I was always exhausted , my stress and anxiety was thru the roof, it took everything inside of me to mentally prepare to get out of the house and face people . Only a few people truly realized where I was at that point in my life . My horomones was crazy . My hair was coming out by the handfuls . I just plain out wasn’t a good wife, mommy, and friend. The stress of knowing that and not knowing how to fix it made it even worse .
Fast forward to today :
Sept 17,2019 I weighed in at 124.2 . I am not exhausted . I am full of energy . My stress and anxiety is practically obsolete. Although I am still a homebody it has nothing to do with my mood and I’m 100% ok w jumping in the car and going wherever. My hair is thicker than it’s been in a long time … and for the first time in a very long time I feel like I am a great wife , an amazing mom to 6 children , & a mediocre friend 😂😂😂 I’ll let my friend be the judge of that one .
I honestly feel better than I have since I was in high school … and I know my journey isn’t quite over yet ….”

– Melissa




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