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smart coffee success

So, what’s the big deal with smart coffee?

I will tell you that after having kids, I struggled so much with anxiety and depression that I had to start taking medication to help control it. It’s weird how different our bodies are after having kids. And not always in a positive way.

For me, it was difficult to keep up with the daily demands of having a family and a full-time job. I was constantly stressed, crying, unhappy, and felt very bad about myself.

I had an open conversation with my doctor about some of the issues I was having, and she reassured me that it was normal, especially after baby. When she prescribed a low-level anxiety medication to help, I started to feel a little bit more like myself.

7 years and another kid later I still had so many issues. All the issues I struggled with before were multiplied. It was a seriously difficult time in my life after my second was born.

It was then that I discovered smart coffee that claimed to help promote happiness hormones. AND with the added bonus of curbing cravings, I had to try it.

Almost immediately, I noticed a huge difference. I was calmer. I wasn’t angry, my mood was level. I was happy again.

My short-term memory was better, and I was able to focus on a task for longer than a few seconds.

My daughter used to have a joke that “Mommy forgets everything!” when she was little. It’s nice to think that she hasn’t told that ‘hilarious’ joke recently. We have so much going on in our mom lives, why wouldn’t you use some additional help to keep up with the daily pressures of kids and life?

Trust me, smart coffee is amazing! Even if you don’t like coffee, there is a chocolate version that will give you the same benefits.

What is Smart Coffee?

Smart Coffee is a delicious dark Colombian roasted coffee infused with espresso.  Smart Coffee has a special ingredient called nootropics and those Nootropics in Smart Coffee are all-natural amino acids typically found in protein-rich foods that help enhance cognitive brain function.

All the ingredients in the coffee combine to help you control cravings and appetite without a feeling of being deprived. Then the thermogenic components and appetite suppressants work to help with fat burning. Nootropics are also powerful cognitive enhancers that improve some aspects of mental function.

Choclevate, the Chocolate version of Smart Coffee

Few people can say they have tried chocolate and didn’t like it. Entire economic empires have sprouted from its popularity, so what happens when you combine Nootropics with Chocolate? You get Choclevate! Choclevate is a delicious Nootropic Hot Chocolate beverage designed to assist in the elevation of mood, mental focus, and energy.

Nootropics are recognized for supporting cognitive function, memory, creativity and even motivation in healthy individuals. Choclevate is perfect to help keep you sharp and well charged all day long! If you’re a chocolate lover, this one’s for you!

Here’s How to have Smart Coffee Success!

If you do any online research about smart coffee, you may see that the effects sometimes wear off. To counteract those potential problems, I go with 5 days on, 2 days off schedule with the smart coffee.

As you can read here, I don’t really like the taste of coffee that much! So, what I do is toss a scoop of smart coffee in the protein smoothie.

I drink my protein smoothies with the smart coffee as the special ingredient during the week and take the weekends off. Here’s my protein smoothie recipe. 

I haven’t had any problems with the effect wearing off, so I would say that is a smart coffee success!

A note about Smart Coffee Success: If you aren’t having the results you desire try changing things up… drink more water. Move your body more. Cut out unnecessary sweets, and carbs. Make sure you aren’t loading up your coffee with calories! The product works but it works diff for everyone. Some notice certain benefits more than others. Your journey WILL definitely look different than others. Expect that.

Amazing Smart Coffee Success Stories

Now, let’s get into the real story – the Smart Coffee Success Stories!

Smart Coffee Success Story From my friend Lauren:

I’ve always carried my weight extremely well or so I thought, but I remember the day a friend of mine posted the picture on the left (I actually fussed at her) & thought to myself, WOW Lauren you can do better than this. I weighed myself that night & I was literally 196.5 lbs! 😱

The moment I saw that # on the scale I was like ok I have to do something about this, then of course I started a diet, wasn’t seeing a change, then got comfortable/lazy again due to a busy schedule.. 🤦‍♀️

In November, I was introduced to a product combo called D.O.S.E. I only had a trial of it, but I knew I needed it. During my first hour after taking it, my migraine was gone, lower back pain was gone, I felt like I had intense focus & an insane amount of energy from like 4 cups of coffee (what I usually start my day with) when I had literally only had 1 cup of the smart coffee & a happy pill! 💊☕

So in December I decided it was time to commit to this stuff & see what it actually did since I was losing weight & feeling better from the trial pack & it only got better from there! 🙌

I promised myself not to look at the scale, because let’s be honest, it’s every womans worst nightmare, LOL, but also that I would weigh in mid-January at my 2 month mark! Then that time came & I was like “ehhh here we go” 😂

To my surprise, the scale said 166.5!!!!! I got off the scale, waited for it to clear & got back on! HAHA.. It didn’t lie to me! It still said the same thing! Yall, that’s 30 lbs GONE! No diet change or exercise what so ever, just my daily life plus that cup of smart coffee & that happy pill! 😍

This is much more than just weight loss though, so since I’m making this post, I wanted to make a quick list of everything that has changed since I started!

My D.O.S.E. results:

⭐ Migraine free for 8 weeks now

⭐ High, sustained energy daily

⭐ Scoped focus

⭐ More patience with my kids

⭐ Able to get things done in a timely manner without distraction or turning in circles

⭐ Appetite suppressed

⭐ Sleeping so much better at night

⭐ Feeling better all the way around

⭐ Off all anxiety medication

⭐ No period cramps or bloating

⭐ 30 lbs GONE

⭐ Plus more to come!!

I’m even more embarrassed of that first picture now when I thought my weight was “no big deal”…. I’m still eating the same, but I have started some cardio & targeted work outs now, because I actually have the energy to do it & conquer my day! Can’t wait to see the results in another month! 😜

This stuff is truly a game changer yall! The weight loss, all the other health benefits, & the energy D.O.S.E. has blessed my life with is something I will forever be thankful for! I truly dont know if I could get through my days without it now, nor do I want to try! 💖

We have hot chocolate & the coffee that does the same thing! The happy pills! Pure CBD oil! Face tightening creams! Mud masks! Etc! New product line coming out soon as well! I’ve also made over $1000 with this company in just the short time I have been with them, without hardly pushing the product! 🤑

So whether you’re looking for a product that will help you with all of the above or just looking for a way to supplement your current income, consider this opportunity for smart coffee success! If you had time to read this, you have time to do this! Even if you don’t want to, share it for one of your friends that may need see it! They will thank you, trust me! 😘

smart coffee success

Smart Coffee Success Story from my friend Andie:

The photo on the left, was a month after I started Keto last May, I had lost 10lbs… and which I gained back! The photo on the right was 2 months of Happy Coffee and Dose, and I lost 17lbs in that time (I’ve lost even more since then!)

Dose isn’t a weight loss product, so how am I losing weight?!?

My Dose helps me feel satisfied so I eat smaller portions! My Dose helps with my carb and sugar cravings, as well as a decreased appetite so I don’t snack!

Now that’s one hell of a side benefit!

smart coffee success

Smart Coffee Success Story from My Friend Sara:

To say this coffee has changed my life is an understatement…its honestly changed me to my soul I’ve opened up my wounds for the world to see and hear….it has saved me in one of the darkest moments I’ve ever been in … It has given me strength …courage…It has Given me a light to hold so others can See the Glimmer of hope and help them start their own Journey…

I have FINALLY learned to LOVE me…

Picture 1. I was at my heaviest and I honestly stopped caring about my body, I figured why the hell should I care, I’m broken anyways…

Picture 2. Was in Sept 2018 i was almost 280 lbs in a size 22 …still felt broken and figured well shit this is it..this is the hand i was tired of getting my hopes up…i had zero energy…I was miserable..

Picture 3. Was the firstday i said “I’ve had it, im done.. no more..get your ass together, Sara” That was the moment of how my journey would start…Day 1 of The happy Coffee ..i was a skeptic 100% …..i felt the effects in the first hour and let me tell you i had so much energy i didnt know what to do with it…and i removed my foot from my mouth…i am a Believer..💯 i became a coffee slinger lol ! And started my journey to bring myslef home from a 9-5 one cup at a time !

Picture 4. Nearly November i hit my first weight goal of losing nearly 25 lbs…..and lost crazy inches…i was a Believer..not just because of the physical change…it was so much more than soul was truly on fire and i was changing..

Picture 5. I am now just a few short pounds of hitting the big 50lb weight loss goal.

The head space im now in is becoming infectious to others and that is what i love the most, they see me truly happy and support me and thank me for being vulnerable..

Picture 6. My 3rd consistent day at the gym …set a small goal of 1 hour maybe 2 or 3x a week….mind you my journey from day 1 to 3 days prior..I had not changed my diet or did any crazy exercise routine..its been years since ive been to the gym…

I’m now in a size 18 ….its weird my feet even lost weight ! !

Be your own hero…dont tap out …

smart coffee success

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