Please see our Weight Loss Solutions guides and resources below. These printable resources and ongoing challenges will act as a guide to take you from day one on your weight loss journey. 

Take a look at our guide, “9 Simple Steps to Jump Start Your Health, Lose Weight, and Feel Amazing!” This guide will take you through the 9 steps explaining exactly what you need to do to begin losing weight. There is one main thing you need to complete these steps – commitment. Sometimes, they aren’t that easy! You may need some coaching along the way. That’s where our 7-day Body Cleanse and 30-day Healthy Living Jumpstart come in.

In these courses, we’ll walk you through each step, provide coaching and encouragement along the way. We even have facebook support groups if you would prefer.

Plant-Based Diet For Beginners

plant-based diet for beginnersYou may be interested in moving to a plant-based diet. Our guide, “Plant-based Diet for Beginners” will walk you the following steps:

  • How to Build a Balanced Plate
  • Morning/Afternoon/Evening guides to eating
  • How to Build a Balanced Shake
  • What to Eat/What to Avoid
  • Where to Buy Plant-Based Nutrition Products

Smart Coffee

weight loss solutionsImagine, drinking coffee that could clear your brain fog, give you more energy, and help maintain a healthy weight. It’s here and it’s called SMART COFFEE.

This functional coffee contains a proprietary blend of Nootropic ingredients designed to assist with mental clarity, memory, and energy. Nootropics are recognized for supporting cognitive function, memory, creativity and even motivation in healthy individuals. So when you need a boost, get “elevated” with Elevate Coffee.

Here how I stopped drinking regular coffee and started using smart coffee for the health benefits:

9 Simple Steps to JumpStart Your Health, Lose Weight, and Feel Amazing!

Losing weight is not complicated, it just takes a commitment. Download our guide to help you take a few simple steps and begin seeing an immediate impact on your health.
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Weight Loss Solutions: Join Our Challenges!

30-Day Healthy Living Jumpstart

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7-Day Body Cleanse

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The Fastest and Easiest Way to Balance Your Diet: Start a Plant-Based Diet!

Download our Guide Plant-Based Diet for Beginners

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