Here’s a list of the top 21 weight loss tools to help you reach your weight loss goals faster. 

Are you tired of being on the weight loss roller coaster? I’ve been there and I’ve figured out the trick. Here are some weight loss tools that I have used to lose weight and keep it off.

Before we get into the list of weight loss tools, it’s important to understand that the most valuable tool you can have on your weight loss journey is a PLAN.  If we want to get to the bottom of our weight loss issues, we need to get back to the basics. But, sometimes, it isn’t as easy as taking in fewer calories than you burn.

I teach that there are two things that need to happen to jumpstart your weight loss and boost your metabolism:

  1. Clean your digestive tract. When I was able to clean out my digestive tract, I saw positive changes in my body, weight, and skin’s appearance.
  2. Remove common allergens. Let’s get to the bottom of this – you may have a gluten allergy or intolerance to dairy that you are unaware of. So, in the Healthy Living Jumpstart, you will remove 9 of the most common allergens including sugar, whey, soy, processed foods, and more. It will be difficult at first, but you’ll be so glad you did!

The plan that I use is an extremely simple one. The 30-day Healthy Living Jumpstart may not seem like a life-changing diet. That’s because it really isn’t a diet. It’s a plan that helps you learn to eat healthier and make positive improvements to your diet. Once you complete the 30-day challenge, you’ll be able to keep going afterward and continue to feel great.

After that 30-day period, you’ll see even more amazing changes like in your skin. That’s because most of the skin problems we have are caused by what we are eating!

Your Plan: The Most Important of all Weight Loss Tools

I highly recommend the Healthy Living Jumpstart, but many people prefer to ease into a new program. That’s where the 7-day body cleanse comes in. This program will give you a great idea of what the full 30-day program is like, plus it’s really easy to continue if you would like. Now, let’s have some fun and go shopping for the top weight loss tools.

Here are the weight loss tools you may need to have available when you start your weight loss program.

Weight Loss Tools

1. Scale

Yes, you need a scale. No, you don’t need to weigh yourself every day. I recommend weighing yourself once a week at around the same time. If you are like me, you don’t want to spend a ton of money on something that literally just sits on the floor of your bathroom. I love this one for several reasons – the design, the price, and the fact that it comes with many extras like the BMI, body fat %, body water % and of course weight. This weight loss tool is a must have!

FITINDEX Smart Scale

2. Fitbit

I have worn my Fitbit now for so long I can’t go long without it. I use the Fitbit charge 2, which works well with my wrist size. My husband has one of the bigger ones with more features. Probably the best part of the Fitbit is the app that comes with it. It could be the only app you use during your weight loss journey. Not only can you track your steps, you can track your exercise, and the calories you take it. I love the sleep insights you receive as well from this weight loss tool.

Fitbit Charge 2

3. Measuring cups

This angled measuring cup by OXO is the best set of measuring cups I’ve ever used. I hate feeling the need to lean over and check on the side of the old-fashioned measuring cups to see if it’s right. With the angle, you can see exactly how much liquid you have. This is a totally personal preference, but mine is an angled measuring cup every time!

OXO Good Grips Angled Measuring Cups

weight loss tools

4. Measuring spoons

A featured that I hadn’t really considered for measuring spoons was the ability to fit into a spice jar. That was such a wonderful discovery (it’s the small things) when I ordered these:

Spring Chef Metal Measuring Spoons

5. Soda Replacement

If you are drinking sugary sodas regularly, please consider these facts from HealthLine. Sugary drinks are linked to weight gain, belly fat, type 2 diabetes, higher risk of cancer, dental health issues, gout, dementia and so much more. Is your health worth it to enjoy sugary drinks that have zero nutritional value?

Consider the Fizz Stick as one of your weight loss tools. The fizz stick by Arbonne is a small packet of energy that you add to a bottle of water. Not only does it have the fizziness so you still get that carbonation-type drink, but it contains the nutritional value with B6, B12, Riboflavin, and Taurine. It contains 50 mg of caffeine which is equivalent to a cup of coffee, so you will still get the energy you need from a much better source.

Arbonne Fizz Stick 

weight loss tools

6. Water bottle

This is so important – find one that YOU love for your weight loss tools! You will become best friends with your water bottle. I recommend drinking half your weight in fluid ounces every day. So, the bigger the better. I like a 32 oz. bottle, just so I make fewer trips to the kitchen to fill it up.

MIRA Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Wide Mouth Bottle

weight loss tools

7. Blender

I drink two smoothies a day, so blender power and capacity are very important to me. You should try to get the highest wattage at the lowest price you can afford. Also, you have to decide if you want a personal blender that will blend in your smoothie cup or a larger capacity blender. Ninja is a very well-trust brand and has worked well for me. When it comes to weight loss tools, here’s the one I choose:

Nutri Ninja Pro Personal Blender

weight loss tools

8. Spiralizer

A spiralizer is a fun way to add more vegetables to your plate. Your kids may even like to eat their vegetables! Spiralized vegetables are a great way to try faux-pasta as well. Spiralizers start small with plastic hand-held devices. I have not had the best luck with this type of spiralizer. Check out this one that is very stable. If you don’t want to buy something like this, you can always find pre-made spiral vegetables in the freezer section of your local grocery store.

Spiralizer Ultimate 7-Blade Vegetable Slicer

weight loss tools9. Protein powder

You know you need protein, but which one do you choose? What I’ve learned is that many people are allergic or have intolerances to whey and soy, the two main types of protein powder. So I highly recommend vegan protein powder from Arbonne.

This protein powder is made from cranberries, peas, and brown rice. It’s vegan-certified, gluten-free, and so much more. Plus, it comes in chocolate and vanilla that are delicious! Read more about my #1 smoothie recipe for weight loss. 

Arbonne Protein Powder

weight loss tools

10. Food journal

The goal of having a diet plan is to eat intentionally. A tip to help you remember what happened each day is to keep a food journal. Not only does it help you keep up with what you eat each day, it helps you track how that food made you feel.

BookFactory Food Journal
weight loss tools

11. Meal prep containers

Hurray for meal prep! This makes my weekday lunches SO MUCH EASIER! Ok, I know you can get 50 plastic bento boxes for less than $10 online. I prefer to use glass because I like a warm lunch and I feel better about microwaving glass than plastic. Plus, glass containers will last longer than those plastic bento boxes.

These will help make meal prep a lot of fun, plus they come in small, medium, and large.

Round Glass Metal Meal Containers

weight loss tools

12. Digestion Aids

Prebiotics AND probiotics are available in one easy packet of Digestion Plus. Simply add to water or smoothie to add good bacteria to your system for the health of your GI tract. This powerful product also contains Enzymes are proteins that help break down dietary macronutrients so they can be used by the body.

The enzymes in Digestion Plus help to support the breakdown of carbs, fats, protein, fiber and lactose. Enzymes can help support a healthy digestive process

Arbonne Digestion Plus

weight loss tools

13. Cutting board

I love the look of bamboo cutting boards. But, from what I understand they are a little more difficult to care for. I prefer dishwasher safe no matter what it is. My requirements for a great cutting board include making sure they are dishwasher safe, has a footing so it won’t move, and is antimicrobial. You’ll need multiples sizes as well.

Cutting Board Set

14. Chef’s knife

You may already have a set of knives. If you don’t, consider a chef’s knife made of ceramic. Ceramic is the second hardest material only to diamonds. Plus, if it has a plastic handle, you can clean it in the dishwasher.

Ceramic Chef’s Knife with Sheath

15. Oil spritzer

When you start a plant-based diet, you are encouraged to eat more healthy fats. Many oils are considered healthy fats. Spritzers, sprayers, misters are all easy ways to add more healthy fats to your foods.

I love this glass version:

Premium Olive Oil Mister

weight loss tools

16. Lunchbox

Shopping for a new lunch box makes me so happy! I think it brings back memories of school shopping when I was a kit. I mean, how often do you get to pick out something brightly colored that will help your lunch stand out above your coworker’s lunches?

Insulated Lunchbox
weight loss tools

I actually had to order a mini cooler bag because I bring a smoothie, lunch, and 32 oz water bottle. It’s just too much to carry.
weight loss tools

17. Workout shoes

This is one category where you could spend a lot of money. There are many specialty stores that can help you find the right shoe for your foot. I have a special insole that molds to my high instep, so I can pretty much wear any workout shoe. If you have a similar issues, I got mine from my chiropractor, but I’ve seen them at many specialty shoe stores.

New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Crush V1 Cross Trainer

18. Workout attire

This is another category where you can have some fun. There are so many adorable new trends lately with workout attire! I am always much more excited to workout when I have a cute outfit to wear.

weight loss tools

19. Yoga Mat

I love yoga. Because of my time restrictions, I will take a few minutes in the morning and watch a free yoga video. is a great, low-cost resource. Of course, You Tube offers many free yoga classes. I especially love Sadie Nardini’s Yoga Shred. It’s HIIT yoga in less than 30 minutes a day.

BalanceFrom GoYoga All Purpose High-Density Non-Slip Exercise Yoga Mat

weight loss tools

20. Fruit basket

Why not have a nice fruit display to help you keep fruit handy? This is a great trick for my kids as well because they basically eat anything they can reach.

Mikasa 3-Tier Metal Market Basket

weight loss tools
21. Fiber Boost

The last item on my list is something that I can guarantee you don’t get enough of! Fiber. I have a very easy way to add fiber to your diet, it’s called Fiber Boost. Adding fiber will help keep you fuller longer.

This is NOT a sexy product, but it will help you feel sexy! Add more fiber to your diet and you’ll be able to feel fuller longer and won’t need to eat as much.

Fiber Boost

weight loss tools



Do you need all this to start your weight loss plan? Certainly not, but you should surround yourself with items that make you happy and encourage you to continue. So, why not? Enjoy!

Start Your Healthy Jump Start Today!

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