Are you ready to give smart coffee a try? This article will help you answer the question where to buy smart coffee? It’s easy, see more below.

where to buy smart coffeeWhich Smart Coffee?

The company Elevacity is the fastest growing smart coffee organization in the United States. They have experienced outstanding growth over the past two years.

Elevacity was founded in 2017 in Plano, Texas. They’ve been through the bumps and bruises that startups typically go through in the beginning.

But now…they are cooking with gas! After recently changing their CEO and CMO, they have seen a surge in sales.

I was a smart coffee customer about a year ago and I loved it so much, I decided to sign up as an Eleprenuer and tell the world about it. 

Recently, the company was in the news as a Triple A (AAA+) opportunity, the top recommendation, based on key figures such as revenue, momentum, Alexa rankings, poll results, input from direct selling professionals, top earners and Head Office visits we regularly conduct.

Side note, check out the amazing opportunity to  become an eleprenuer on my team.

For all those reasons, and the fact that the products offers are the highest quality, I recommend Elevacity Smart Coffee as the BEST smart coffee.

The next question…

Where to Buy Smart Coffee?

First of all, it’s important to understand that Eleprenuers are building their business through smart coffee sales. You may have a friend or neighbor that has introducted you to these amazing products from Elevacity. If you know anyone in your network of friends and family that is an Eleprenuer, the answer to the question “where to buy smart coffee” buy it from them! They have a personal website that they can send you.

If you have learned about smart coffee from my little ole blog or YouTube channel, I would be honored if you would purchase from me!


Where to Buy Smart Coffee?

What Should You Buy?

If you’ve never tried smart coffee or Xanthomax, I recommend starting with the 6-day trial of the DOSE experience. You can choose from Choclevate, Nitro, or Smart Coffee. Choclevate is a chocolate version of smart coffee. You’ll get all the amazing benefits of nootropics, this is the perfect option if you don’t like coffee.

Nitro is an amazing new product that helps your body product more nitric oxide. Check out my review here. The taste is a little smoother than the regular smart coffee and you’ll start feeling the benefits immediately. 

The flagship product is called Elevate Smart Coffee. Smart coffee comes in two options – a tub and to-go sticks. The tub is great to keep at home, especially when you get started. You can use less than the recommended scoop serving size when you get started so you can let your body adjust when you first get started. 

The to-go sticks are amazing if you travel often or just like to throw them in your purse or pocket. 

Advantages of Autoship

I understand that you feel like you may be locked into constant shipments. Here’s why I love it, when you sign up for autoship you save money! It’s the cheapest option. Plus, it is so easy to change the shipment date if you don’t use a 30-day supply in 30 days. Stretch it out and have it shipped when you are ready. 

The customer support is amazing! They are a phone call or chat away and answer your questions so quickly. It’s one of the best support teams I’ve ever seen!


I would be honored if you buy smart coffee from me, or consider becoming an eleprenuer on my team. BUT – if you have a friend or family member that is an Eleprenuer, be sure that you work with them to get your purchases in. 

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