Have you considered instant coffee for your daily cup of happiness? I drink it every day! This instant coffee contains nootropics, which helps with memory and focus, reduces brain fog, as well as helps curb cravings!

instant coffee

Instant coffee allows you to quickly make hot coffee by simply adding hot water or milk. is a special.

As you know, coffee has long been a traded commodity in the orient. It has been considered as a drink only for royalties and kings. Instant coffee can now be grouped in with your typical daily cup of coffee – it’s processed in almost the same manner for it to become a soothing and relaxing drink.

The Rise of Instant Coffee

Instant coffee was invented and patented in 1881. It was refined by the Nescafe brand and formally brought to market in 1938.

In more recent history, Starbucks introduced its own line of easy to make coffee. Starbucks Via is a version of their own blends including Italian Roast, Columbia Coffee, and French Roast. Starbucks Via is available to purchase at most grocery stores and online through Amazon and other retailers.

The most recent entree to the coffee market is from an online retailer, Elevacity. They first introduced Smart Coffee –  Smart Coffee is a great tasting micro-ground, functional coffee that contains a proprietary blend of Nootropic ingredients. Nootropics are all-natural amino acids, choline, and fat burners typically found in protein-rich foods but not always easy to get from diet alone. Nootropics are designed to assist with mental clarity, memory, and energy. So when you need a boost, get “elevated” with Elevate Smart Coffee.

Elevacity also added a Nitro brew to the instant coffee line. Nitro is a 100% Colombian Arabica coffee blooms with a bold, aromatic body. Using clinically proven naturally extracted polyphenols, Elevate NITRO promotes powerful natural nitric oxide production with extreme antioxidant capability. Each cup of Elevate NITRO uses clinically proven polyphenols that help generate efficient blood flow, boosts nutrient and oxygen delivery, naturally improves fatigue levels and performance, and increases energy and endurance levels.

How to Select the Best Instant Coffee

Instant coffee should be made from the best coffee beans in the market. Coffee experts believe that the best brews come from homegrown and handpicked batches. But this handpicking process can just be a myth since it really does not affect how the taste and texture come out. The one thing that could affect the flavor and texture of coffee and tea is the climate since this can affect the humidity and moisture of the raw products.

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It is important to know the quality of instant coffee beans. This is why I love the Elevacity brand. The coffee is made from espresso beans and rich dark coffee roast. You can smell the high quality of the beans as soon as you open your coffee!

Adding Flavor

Adding flavor to your instant coffee is where you can have some fun and personalize the coffee to meet your taste. You have to be careful and not add too many extra calories or sugar with your coffee flavoring. Here are some of my favorites:

Now that you are ready to give this easy-to-make coffee a try, you will no longer need your coffee filters. Check out these 15 household uses for coffee filters that you haven’t consider yet.

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